Vrienden van de Smaak (Kanne)

Asperges uit het Maasland op Vlaamse wijze met gerookt rundsvlees uit Alken en waterkers uit Lauw (Sint-Lucie)

The concept

Vrienden van de Smaak is a refreshing dining concept that was created last year by Didier Bastiaens. The idea is defined on the website as ‘a travelling restaurant without walls that tries to bring the Belgians closer to the food on their plate’.

Klik hier voor de Nederlandstalige versie.


The organization sets 1 big table, for about 70 guests, on very original locations: the outdoors, between fruit trees, in a pasture, next to a monastery or – like last Friday – in the caves of Kanne.

9975_645162412164039_806054588_n(© Raf Ketelslagers)

The dishes are prepared by a famous chef, who leaves his trusted kitchen behind and cooks with regional, very fresh products.

7858_647992561881024_1555661327_n(© Raf Ketelslagers)

Guests take a seat next to unknown gourmets and soon everyone shares great dishes and great stories. Interesting conversations guaranteed!


1135_647993515214262_855078934_n(© Raf Ketelslagers)

On the first of June 2013, we entered a very special location for our first ‘Vrienden van de Smaak’ dinner: the caves of Kanne.

943259_647992861880994_521916718_n (© Raf Ketelslagers)

After the aperitif (a local sparkling rosé from winehouse Genoels-Elderen) we enjoyed a guided, very interesting tour in the caves. After a visit to the mushroom plantation and a beer ageing cellar, the dinner was served in a heated party room inside the caves.

295693_647993225214291_2130357395_n(© Raf Ketelslagers)

The chef for this edition was Giovani Oosters (restaurant Vous Lé Vous) and he served tasty and honest dishes in big, steaming bowls from which table guests could serve themselves – or others. You can find the full menu on the website www.vriendenvandesmaak.be, or please see the Dutch version for the description of the dishes.

Asperges uit het Maasland op Vlaamse wijze met gerookt rundsvlees uit Alken en waterkers uit Lauw (Sint-Lucie)(© Raf Ketelslagers)

Biovarken met een assortiment van lentegroetjes van De Wroeter (tuinbonen, erwten en snijbonen) en champignons uit Kanne en gekonfijte aardappel met roze(© Raf Ketelslagers)

Panna cotta van yoghurt uit Swijsenhof met structuren van aardbei uit Wellen, rabarber en granité van hibiscus(© Raf Ketelslagers)

The matching regional wines surprised and the coffee, fresh tea and the with mint infused water were of great quality.


(© Raf Ketelslagers)

970441_645160038830943_786594522_n(© Raf Ketelslagers)

Vrienden van de Smaak is a recommendation for everyone that loves to eat, in good company and at a pleasant table. Indeed, a great concept for everyone! The tasty dishes, prepared by a top chef with local produce, the amazing locations and the socializing with colleague foodies make this a unique and refreshing concept.


945176_647993365214277_1855389734_n(© Raf Ketelslagers)

Dates & locations in 2013: 

  • 15 juni – Landlopershoeve in Wortel-Kolonie
  • 22 juni – Aspergeboerderij in Kinrooi
  • 6 juli – Het strand in De Panne
  • 13 juli – Bio-zelfpluktuin PurFruit in Oeselgem
  • 17 augustus – Wijndomein van Chenoy in Emines
  • 24 augustus – Brouwerij van La Chouffe in Achouffe
  • 14 september – Beddermolen in Tongerlo
Vrienden van de smaak

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