Vous Lé Vous revisited (Wimmertingen)

_MG_7284 The Place & The Chef For more information about the place and the chef, please consult our first report here. _MG_7407 The Food We visited Vous Lé Vous again on 19/03/2013, together with our colleague blogger Be-gusto. The chef recommended the menu ‘Pure nature’ and we were happy to follow. Amuses  _MG_7185 _MG_7197 _MG_7205 _MG_7208 _MG_7213 _MG_7218 _MG_7224 Menu  _MG_7235 _MG_7390 _MG_7381 _MG_7354 _MG_7353 _MG_7344 _MG_7338 _MG_7307 _MG_7300 _MG_7289 _MG_7284 _MG_7256 _MG_7236 Coffee & sweets _MG_7415 _MG_7421 The Wines We asked the sommelier to advise us a proper wine and/or beer pairing and were pleasantly surprised with his choices. We received a wine and a beer for each dish so we could discover both pairings. We tasted many local beers, and enjoyed a good wine pairing. _MG_7409 The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience We were impressed with the amuse parade (8 pieces) and enjoyed our 6 course dinner. Giovani Oosters impresses with his eye for quality and drive for innovation. Besides being a great chef, Giovani is an intelligent businessman and continues to build his horeca-imperium. Vous lé Vous remains a recommendation near Hasselt! Belgian Taste Buds: –          Food Buds                                                           7.5/10 –          Service Buds                                                      8/10 –          Wine Pairing Buds                                            7.5/10 –          Price/Quality Buds                                           8.5/10 –          Experience Buds                                              7.5/10 Vous lé Vous http://www.vouslevous.be/ Wimmertingenstraat 76 3500 Hasselt

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