Terborght Revisit (Huizingen)

IMG_6429 The Place For more information about the restaurant and the chef, pleace consult our first review here. Outside The Food When we visited Restaurant Terborght two years ago, we weren’t 100% convinced by the menu we sampled at the time. We must say that our second visit was from an entirely different level and that the chef and his team experienced a remarkable growth throughout the last few years. Together with colleague Be-gusto we had the opportunity to try the Menu Terborght, which comes in 3 (€ 52) or 5 (€ 82) courses. From the appetizers until the mignardises, we were surprised by the quality and the strong, pure flavors. The chef employs a rather Belgian cuisine and his preparations are correct, accessible and beautifully presented. He integrates some creative twists into his kitchen and reaches a good level between traditional and modern cooking. Appetizers The menu was kicked off with a nice series of appetizers, where the gin tonic, the shrimps & tomato and the lobster bisque were the highlights. The cheese fondue was a little bit basic compared to the other snacks. Gin and tonic sorbet, radishes and cottage cheese IMG_6407 Cheese Fondue IMG_6408 Squid crisps, squid IMG_6409 Shrimp & tomatoes IMG_6411 Cucumber and Smoked Eel IMG_6413 Structures of smoked salmon and dill, lobster bisque with ravioli IMG_6414 Aperitif: Biercee Gin & Fever Tree tonic Menu The dishes were inspired by seasonal ingredients and presented in beautiful and creative ways. The scallop course was a little bit inconsistent in terms of taste cohesion but the other courses demonstrated a good flavor balance as well as taste coherence. Scallops from St. Dieppe and in carpaccio pumpkin – Iberico ham – truffle – parmesan – pig’s head and cheeks Wine: Sylvaner 2012 Wittmann IMG_6417 Turbot from the North Sea and Norway lobster – Jerusalem artichoke – sea shoots – oyster – watercress Wine: Côtes du Rhône La Truffière 2012, La Ferme du Mont IMG_6420 Pheasant – celeriac – endive – Brussels sprouts – fine champagne sauce Wine : Champ des Soeurs, Fitou IMG_6422 Sorbet/Paté IMG_6423 Deer – salsify – dauphine potato – beetroot – mushrooms – pate with beetroot structures Wine: Laderas de El Sequé, 2012, Monastrell, Alicante IMG_6426 IMG_6424 Pre dessert: Yogurt, grapefruit and tangerine IMG_6427 “Apple”: Apple, nuts, vanilla ice cream, caramel, biscuits, panna cotta with cinnamon. Wine: Riesling Spätlese, Gehring, Niersteiner rehbach IMG_6428 Combination of white – dark – dark chocolate with yuzu Wine: Riesling Spätlese, Gehring, Niersteiner rehbach IMG_6429 Coffee and sweets IMG_6436 The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience We were surprised by the development that Lesley De Vlieger and his team experienced and enjoyed a correct, qualitative meal at restaurant Terborght. The chef demonstrated his wide knowledge of cooking art and expressed a desire to impress his customers with refined dishes, balanced flavors and many extras during the meal (appetizers, pre desserts, etc.). Belgian Taste Buds: –          Food Buds                                                         8/10 –          Service buds                                                     7.5/10 –          Wine Pairing Buds                                            7.5/10 –          Price/Quality Buds                                            7.5/10 –          Experience Buds                                             7.5/10 Terborght Oud dorp 16-18 1654 Huizingen http://www.terborght.be/

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