Ter Leepe (Zedelgem)


The Place

Ter Leepe is a 1 Michelin star restaurant and banquet in Zedelgem (near Bruges) in the West Flanders region in Belgium.


Upon arrival guests would not suspect that the building hosts one of the best restaurants in Belgium, but after entering the restaurant’s door you will feel that magic is happening here. The restaurant itself is established in a renovated villa and behind the restaurant there is a big banquet for parties and weddings.


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The restaurant’s interior is luxurious, rather traditional, cozy and very beautiful. Light, brown colors are combined with dark and comfy sofas, modern art, soft lighting and traditionally set tables.


There is a corner where guests can start with their aperitif and end with after-dinner drinks, and several dining compartments where lunch or dinner takes place.



The chef

Chef and owner Kristof Marrannes was raised in Ter Leepe, the previous restaurant from his parents, and took over the restaurant in 2005. Kristof also gained experience in dining temples like Sea Grill in Brussels and Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem. He directly brought renewal to the restaurant and quickly received national and international recognition for his talent. The chef got in the spotlight with an inventive, laborious, but balanced cuisine which incorporates lots of new technologies.

Chef and owner Kristof Marrannes

The restaurant has a small team of only nine people but together they produce an exceptional output. In the kitchen, Kristof Marranes is assisted by his sous-chefs Gregory Slembrouck and Ruben de Man and as a team they create amazing dishes and strive for the perfect taste.

Sous chefs Gregory Slembrouck and Ruben de Man

Wines are presented by the charming Cathy Verbeeke, who is still young but displays great knowledge of wines and presents interesting and great pairing wines with the menus.

Sommelier Cathy Verbeeke

Another remarkable figure in restaurant Ter Leepe is Loes Govaert, who manages the service and the dining rooms. Loes is also young but serves guest in a mature and highly professional style.

Maître Loes Govaert

It is truly exceptional and a pleasure to see such a young, dynamic but very skilled and professional team at work.


The Food

Kristof chooses for dishes with an intriguing mix of flavors, contrasts and textures. He wants to elevate his dishes to works of art and only uses the best and freshest products and ingredients, which are converted to very creative and smart dishes. The chef transmits stories through his dishes and they impress young and old diners with delicious flavors, an impressive presentation and endless creativity.


We visited Ter Leepe on 20/10/2013 with Frank from Be-Gusto and enjoyed the amazing menu ‘Taste and Innovation’ (€ 95 for 6 courses), which started with an impressive appetizer parade:


Halloween box with chocolate with crémeux of foie gras and cherry, and chocolate with Filliers gin tangerine, mandarin and citrus varieties

_MG_8019 _MG_8020 _MG_8023 _MG_8021

Roll with herring and pickles


Crackers of three peppers, grilled roasted onion, gel onion, tarragon, smoked Spanish ham


Mussels, curry sauce, ointment of fennel, saffron aioli, crispy mussels and algae


Soup of seaweed with grilled octopus, pickled vegetables, ice of bergamot


Cake of chickpeas, ponzu gel, emulsion of coriander, lime shots


Aperitif: Gin Tonic, Blue Coat (America) with Fever Tree tonic




1) ‘Expressions of the Sea’ – served as a ‘Fruits de mer’ interpretation: Razors with avocado, seaweed and oyster vinaigrette; Zeeland oyster with cucumber varieties; and Edible crab and razor, algae cake and salty vegetables. A beautiful and very complex dish that is perfectly balanced in flavors, acidity and greasiness!
Wine: Casal Sta. Maria, Sauvignon Blanc, the most western vineyard of Europe, 2012


_MG_8235  _MG_8245 _MG_8242  _MG_8268

2) Three different interpretations of scallop:  Scallop marinated with fennel, orange, sour cream, carrot & yuzu vinaigrette; Scallop cooked on hot stone with black pudding crumble; and Scallop in shell, with Jerusalem artichoke, smoked eggplant and leeks.
Wine: Quintaluna, 2011, verdejo, Rueda, Spain


_MG_8279 _MG_8304  _MG_8309  _MG_8310

3) Langoustine with a crust of porcini mushrooms, smoked eel, cabbage varieties, hand-peeled shrimp, quail, mousseline of bergamot, flan shrimp, and shrimp gravy.
Wine: Bernard Moreau, 2011 Chardonnay, Burgundy


4) Deer smoked on hay and pine twigs, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, cream of poudre de voyage
Wine: Sirius , 2010 Merlot – Cabernet, Bordeaux


_MG_8373 _MG_8378

5) Golden chocolate kiss: lips with a crémeux of tonka beans, small kiss with vanilla, hazelnut, lemon ice and crisp of Werther candy. Finished with a vinegar of coffee & vanilla



6) Fruit throughout the world: Egypt pyramid with blood orange / Marinated pineapple & mango / Africa crémeux of banana / Pittahaya / Maya statue of praline with lychee & yuzu / Matcha tea / Kalamansi sorbet



Coffee & sweets

An impressive collection of sweets with donuts, marshmallows, chocolates in a box, apple compote with caramel and advocate caramel espuma, …






Structures of yogurt, apple, citrus


The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

We were really surprised by Restaurant Ter Leepe and enjoyed an amazing lunch with beautiful dishes. The staff does everything to make their guests leave with a big smile and a satisfied feeling, and everything is managed to perfection with a keen eye for the smallest details. Recommended!

Belgian Taste Buds:

–          Food Buds                                                        8.5/10

–          Wine Pairing Buds                                          7.5/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                         8.5/10

–          Service Buds                                                   9/10

–          Experience Buds                                            8.5/10


Ter Leepe
Torhoutsesteenweg 168
8210 Zedelgem
Phone: +32 50 20 01 97

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