Sea Grill (Brussels)


The Place

Sea Grill is the 2 Michelin star restaurant from chef and owner Yves Mattagne and is located in the luxurious Radisson Blu Royal hotel in the centre of Brussels. Under Yves’s leadership Sea Grill became one of the best restaurants in Belgium, mainly specialized in seafood.

Sea Grill opened its doors in 1990 as the gastronomic flagship of the Radisson Blu Royal hotel. Yves Mattagne and Maître Marc Meermans became responsible for the kitchen and the service. Together they managed to create an amazing luxury restaurant, where the very best seafood and an intimate dining experience became the pillars of the success.


Yves Mattagne fully renovated the interior of the restaurant when he took it over in 2010. He created a spacious, luxurious and cosmopolitan restaurant interior. Different artworks from renowned artists adorn the walls and the warm colours, the fabrics and the soft lighting complete the luxurious atmosphere. The difference is in the details and even the costumes of the staff are specially designed by Scabal. The restaurant boasts place for about 70 diners and can be divided into different rooms. Sea Grill also offers a nice bar and a separate smoking room.


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The Chef

Chef Yves Mattagne is a driven entrepreneur who also owns a consultancy firm and catering company. He is also a famous television chef in the French speaking part of Belgium and France, and featured in shows like ‘Masterchef France’ and ‘La Grande Ballade’.

Head Chef and owner Yves Mattagne

The team at Sea Grill is very experienced and loyal to the chef: Chef Frédéric Murati has been working for 18 years at the restaurant. In the kitchen he is assisted by Sous-chef Sébastien Oger. Sommelier Olivier Van Herck earned several recognitions as a wine connoisseur and serves excellent wines with the dishes. The service is led in style by Maitre Fabrice D’Hulster and Philippe Epaillard.


The Food

Yves Mattagne has always specialized in fine & delicious seafood preparations. He and his team cook with the finest ingredients available and top notch products such as caviar, lobster, crab and truffle are always on the menu. These ingredients are prepared with respect for the product and complemented with rich, delicious sauces and exotic ingredients (like Kaffir lime, Ras el Hanout, Yuzu and Wakame). One of the most famous dishes is the ‘Homard à la presse’: guests choose a fresh lobster from the tank, which is prepared at the table with a special press from the silver brand Christofle (only five copies of this press exist).

Diners can choose between the à la carte dishes, the lunch menu ‘Marée du jour’ or the two menus ‘Tradition et qualité’ and ‘Incontournable’. We followed the chef and enjoyed a menu with dishes from the two menus:


Langoustine Bretonne
Mousseline de Carotte, Fruit de la Passion, Teriyaki


Gyoza de Foie gras
Asperges vertes du Carpentras, Truffe noire


Crevette Gambero Rosso
Agrumes, Coco, Vinaigrette Piment doux



Crevettes d’Eau douce, Caviar Royal Belge
Gelée de Crustacés, Aigrelette, Gaufre de Bruxelles, Laitue de Mer


_38A4092 _38A4107

Langoustine Bretonne du Guilvinec
Verveine, Combava, Bouillon de Coo, Gingembre, Edamame, Daïkon

_38A4123 _38A4139

Foie gras de chez Lafitte, Anguille fumée
Consommé de Canard laqué, Yuzu, Miso, Wakamé
 _38A4151 _38A4160

Noix de Saint-Jacques de Dieppe, Truffe noire
Bonnotte de Noirmoutier, Giroles, Parmesan, Moelle, Sarriette


_38A4175 _38A4182

Aubergine, Caramel aux Epices, Ail noir, Ras el Hanout

_38A4238 _38A4245

La Fondue Saint-Nectaire
Truffes noires, Croûtons fumés



Praline Manon
Noisette, Chocolat blanc, Pralinéa, Amandes

Coffee & sweets


The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Sea Grill is a great restaurant and a perfect luxury getaway for a business lunch, a romantic dinner or a great night out in style with friends. The kitchen offers the best of fish and seafood preparations and a perfect embodiment of (classical) French preparations with a creative/exotic twist.


Belgian Taste Buds:

–          Food Buds                                                      9/10

–          Wine Pairing Buds                                          8.5/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                         7.5/10

–          Service Buds                                                 7.5/10

–          Experience Buds                                            8.5/10

Sea Grill

Wolvengracht 47
1000 Brussels
+32 2 212 08 00

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