Schauenstein (Fürstenau, Switzerland)

The place

Restaurant Schauenstein is one of the world’s best restaurants located in Fürstenau, Zwitserland. It is awarded with 3 Michelin stars and 19/20 points in the Swiss Gault&Millau guide. The location of this remarkable restaurant is the first part of the experience. Located in the smallest city of the world, Fürstenau, the journey to the restaurant is an experience on itself.  The restaurant itself is housed in a beautiful, picturesque castle at the entrance of the village.

Schauenstein castle got its present name in 1667 and the restaurant was created about 15 years ago. Once inside, the traditional atmosphere is well kept and completed with modern and artistic interior decorations like beautiful lamps and paintings. The two dining rooms seating up to around 30 diners. They are serene and minimalistic, a relax dining environment that directs the attention to the dishes.

When the weather permits, guests are invited to start with the aperitif and first snacks on the partially covered terrace of the castle. From there, guests enjoy a stunning view on the surroundings mountains. On the first floor of the castle, you can also start or end your meal in a beautiful bar and a luxurious cigar lounge. There are also 6 rooms where you can spend the night.

The Chef

Andreas Caminada was born in Graubünden and worked at several top restaurants like Wirtschaft Zum Wiesengrund in Switzerland and Bareiss Restaurant in Germany. He founded his own gourmet restaurant in the Schauenstein castle in Switzerland in 2003. Today he is responsible for one of the best restaurants in the world and his amazing culinary skills, charismatic flair and warm-hearted personality gained him the status of a national hero.

The Food

Andreas Caminada’s dishes are elaborate but well balanced, very fine without being too complex, and focused on the best products the region offers. Small collectable cards are given to the guests, explaining the dishes and the wine selection. The menu exists out of four up to seven courses, but your meal is completed with a seemingly never ending parade of appetisers and mignardises.



Cone with a sorbet of beetroot

Pickled asparagus

Truffle and celery toast

Almonds with liver

Ham and mustard

Corn ice cream and yoghurt, Sweet corn bouillon


White fish, celery, saffron and onion

Tartare of char from the Wadensee, carrot, yoghurt and sea buckthorn

Ham crisp, onion and dried pear with a ham bouillon

Red cabbage and iced mustard bon bon

Homemade potato bread, butter and yoghurt butter with salt


Marinated and pickled pikeperch with white and red radish, buttermilk and lime

Surprise dish from 2008: langoustine tartare and seared langoustine with lime & tonic mousse, shellfish bouillon, lemon confit and lemon purée. On the side a langoustine essence with salted scallop crisp

Panfried and crispy sweetbread, parsley cream, smoked garlic, pickled celleriac and ruccola

Slightly cooked trout with braised fennel, spinach and marinated herbs

Filet of pork and crispy pork belly – smoked & grilled, button mushroom marinated and pickled, cream of bbq vegetables

Swiss cheese trolley, potatoes from the Albula Valley, dried meat from local farmers like grisson beef.

Pan forte with almond, figues and chocolate

Grandmothers burnt cream with apple beignets

Curd soufflée

Apricot: poached, iced and pickled, with nutbutter cream, caramel and crumble of nuts, herbs and petals. On the side is the iced version

Mignardises: sea buckthorn jelly’s, salt caramel praline, hazelnut-yoghurt-caramel-mocca, lemon & almond cookie, raspberry macaron, dried pear ganache, sunflower, almond and raspberry tartelette.

The Wines & service

Andreas Caminada is surrounded by a team of young, driven professionals in both the kitchen and the service. There are two wine pairings available and we enjoyed a great pairing offering the best wines from Switzerland. The sommelier does a great job combining Andreas’ detailed dishes with elegant, subtle wines. The extended wine list with wines from all over the world is impressive as well.

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Schauenstein Restaurant is a world-class restaurant on a remarkable location in the Alps in Switzerland. Chef Andreas Caminada serves a highly detailed, modern cuisine, combining the very best products from the region with modern cooking techniques and presentations. The dining experience includes an impressive parade of appetisers, dishes and mignardises and definately justifies the long journey there.

Belgian Taste Buds

  • Food Buds 9/10
  • Wine Pairing Buds 8.5/10  
  • Price/Quality Buds 8.5/10
  • Service Buds 9/10
  • Experience Buds 9/10

Schauenstein Schloss Hotel Restaurant
Schlossgasse 71
7414 Fürstenau
Phone: +41 81 632 10 80

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