Restaurant Review Bingo


Restaurant Bingo

When entering a new establishment for the first time, we all have our own expectations based on the things we

hear from friends and reviews we see online. When we set out to do a review of an establishment, there are many things that we look out for – certain items on the menu, praise from certain chefs, and some elements of the décor.

It can be quite difficult to keep track of all the things you’re looking for, but a quick bingo card can help you out. Bingo has been used as a sort of checklist for a while, with The Washington Post poking fun at generic restaurant reviews and the New York Time’s articles on the DC dining scene with “New York Times D.C. Bingo”. The game is also trying to stay relevant with pop culture references, as Free Bingo Hunter catalogs several different bingo portals offering promotions that have to do with today’s most popular reality shows, such as “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” and “Dancing with the Stars”.


Restaurant Review Bingo works better if you’ve already written a few reviews in your time. Start by going through your previous reviews to find out what really matters to you: it could be everything from Michelin stars to rustic designs and original plating. Are there menu items you’re always looking for, such as an espresso or a favorite dessert? What about the entrees? Try to populate a list of 24 items, and use a card generator like Print-Bingo’s to create your Restaurant Review Bingo card.

Once you get to a new restaurant you’d like to review, sit at your table and go try to see which items on your card are applicable to the new restaurant you’re visiting. Cross out each item you see and as soon as you get a winning pattern on your card, stop. The items you’ve crossed out will be the features you’ll be reviewing, with special attention given to the items that form the winning pattern. This way, you’ll have a rough guide to the things you can talk about, and you’ll have the chance to talk about restaurant features that you usually don’t even put a lot of thought into.

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