Respect the egg

These days, it seems that everything that matters has its own day. A day to celebrate, to think about, or to reflect upon a topic.
The food industry is also using this trend: to attract attention for certain products and ingredients.

Because of the (press) attention the product receives on this day, the public thinks, experiences, and reflects about certain ingredients. Mostly, these are products that are often lost in a world where exotic, special and hard-to-find substances get all the spotlights.

Take eggs, for example. One of the key products in the kitchens across the globe, but often regarded as a necessity rather than a virtue.  A pity, as wonderful things can be done with our little oval friends.

And, guess what, today is World Egg Day (Friday 12 October 2012)!

To illustrate some of the wonderful things that can be done with eggs, we selected some amazing dishes by several Belgian chefs. Enjoy, and respect the egg!

Sang-Hoon Degeimbre – L’air du Temps
Chimera : Œuf de pulpe / Textures de noir (Octopus egg / black textures)
(Picture from site)

Olly Ceulenaere – Volta
Filled asparagus & egg
(Picture by Piet de Kersgieter)

Jason Blanckaert & Gilles de Meere – J.E.F.
Shrimp –egg – purslane – pistachio
(Picture by Piet de Kersgieter)

Kobe Desramaults – In de Wulf
Scrambled egg, sour dough crumbs, wild herbs, wild spinach, pickled garlic
(Picture by jmoranmoya)

For more information about Egg day and interesting egg recipes, please visit (Dutch).

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