Meliefste (Wolphaartsdijk, NL)

The Place

Restaurant Meliefste is a young gastronomical restaurant in the small town of Wolphaartsdijk in The Netherlands. Wolphaartsdijk is located in the province Zeeland and near to the famous lake “Veerse Meer”. The sea is only a few kilometres away.

The restaurant is located in a historical building at the side of the marina and housed in the renovated ‘Veerhuis’ in the yacht club. Inside, guests will discover a stylish interior that is divided into three dining areas, of which two inside and an outside terrace.

The kitchen was fully renovated to the latest modern standards in 2017. Through a huge window, guests can watch the chef during service which brings extra dynamics during a meal. The decoration mixes authentic, classic elements and refined modern details. The small summer terrace has views over the harbour side of the Veerse Meer.

The Chef

Chef Thijs Meliefste’s cooking is pure and reflects the beautiful nature surrounding the restaurant. Together with his kitchen team, the chef goes foraging in the surrounding fields for wild herbs and plants every day.

Thijs Meliefste was formerly the sous chef of restaurant Katseveer in Wilhelminadorp. Before that, he gained experience in restaurant Het Gebaar in Antwerp, and attended an internship at restaurant The Fat Duck in London. He met his wife Anuschka (who is the lady of the house and co-owner at Meliefste) in restaurant Het Gebaar. Sommelier Geert Rutte previously worked at De Karmeliet in Bruges and knows to impress with a fairly small wine cellar. His pairings are creative and combine classical and natural wines. A delicious juice pairing is also available.

The Food

The menu of restaurant Meliefste is a reflection of its environment. Special plants, vegetables from the area, fresh fish from the Oosterschelde, or meat from the surrounding villages: the respect for the product is always essential.  

We start our menu “Reflection of Nature 2017” with a glass of Champagne Francis Boulard and a great selection of amuses:

Bread Pudding of ramsons and spinach with cream of old cheese

Potato crunch with an emulsion of angler liver and chervil

Dehydrated carrot, cooked in carrot juice with gel of dragon vinegar and flowers and herbs

Pickled mackerel was burned and comes with miso and a fresh dill tapenade

Mussel from Zeeland with a herb mayonnaise and oil of lava

Donut with sour herring, puffed amarant, violet, herbs

Sea urchin sandwich


As a first dish comes pike, cooked in a delicious broth, and finished with lemon ash. A powerful combination that is completed with a sauce of fermented tomato juice and chives

Lobster from the Oosterschelde is combined with thin slices of white asparagus, radishes and a radish vinaigrette

Langoustine from the Faroe Islands was shortly burned and lacquered with a reduction of the head. It is complemented with cauliflower cream and couscous of cauliflower, pickled shallot and powdered onion

Angler was cooked at low temperature and is served with a beurre blanc of smoked butter, East Indian cherry, shallot cream and finished with caviar

Lamb from the village was slowly cooked and combined with a cream of peas, gel of black garlic, herbs from the garden and polenta

Delicious, juicy entrecote of Holsteiner milk cow comes with sweet sour onion and impregnated mustard seeds

Strawberry structures are combined with a white chocolate crumble, elder blossom cream, bronze fennel, strawberry merengue and strawberry ice cream

Crumble and cream of white chocolate with magnolia ice cream, mascarpone, honey


Wine selection

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Chef Thijs Meliefste belongs to the new wave of young chefs in the Netherlands displaying a huge potential. In his restaurant Meliefste, he offers modern top gastronomy with a strong focus on the nature. Delicious, powerful dishes, an excellent price/quality ratio and a professional, charming service make this place truly unique. A must when you are visiting Zeeland!

Belgian Taste Buds:

  • Food Buds 8.5/10
  • Wine Pairing Buds 8/10      
  • Price/Quality Buds 9/10
  • Service Buds   8.5/10
  • Experience Buds 8/10

Wolphaartsdijkseveer 1
4471 ND Wolphaartsdijk
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 113 581326

Pictures in this article were made with the Fujifilm X-T2 Camera, our favourite compact, lightweight and robust camera with endless creative possibilities. Used lenses: XF 35mm 1.4 R for food shots, and XF 10-24 mm F4 R OIS for interior and outdoor pictures.

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