La Source (Lanaken, Belgium)


The Place

Restaurant La Source is the gastronomic restaurant of the domain ‘Hostellerie La Butte Aux Bois’, located in Lanaken in Belgium. Hostellerie La Butte aux Bois is a beautiful country estate located in a tranquil, wooded area. This luxury Relais & Châteaux four-star hotel boasts 41 rooms and suites, a wellness centre and two restaurants. La Source is the gastronomic restaurant and offers high-end dining in a beautiful setting.


The premises are located on a premium location near the borders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, and are easily accessible. Today, much of the classic grandeur is retained and complemented with modern, stylish accents. Upon entering the property, the beautiful garden with its avenues, ponds and idyllic spots welcomes the guests and offers an elegant decor in a tranquil and relaxing setting.


The restaurant itself is located at the backside of the building, offering great views of the garden and the woods. Guests first enter through the hotel and are welcomed in a cosy lounge with a large fireplace, where one can also take the aperitif or coffee. This space connects to the large, bright dining room overlooking the gardens. The interior of the restaurant is classic and luxurious. White colours create a spacious, airy feeling, and the classic, luxurious chairs and warm decoration accents create a relaxing atmosphere.


The Chef

Executive Chef Ralf Berendsen was educated in famous restaurants in Belgium and abroad. The ambitious Chef lives for gastronomy and creates contemporary dishes, based on a classical foundation. From the appetizers to the mignardises, guests will enjoy tasteful, refined preparations that combine both Belgian ingredients and international influences.


The Food

It is clear that the chef and his team manage the art of combining delicate ingredients and have a preference for strong and sophisticated tastes. The chef uses the latest preparation techniques and the dishes are presented in a contemporary way with an eye for detail. Nothing is left to chance, and also the cheeses, the side dishes and the mignardises trolley demonstrate the quest for quality.


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Coffee and sweets

The Wines & Service

Kevin Vondenhoff is in charge of the dining rooms and he and this team serve the guests in style and in a very friendly manner.


Sommelier Marc Teuben is responsible for the wines and gained experience at Beluga in Maastricht in The Netherlands. Marc is obviously extremely passionate about the wines and offers very interesting wine pairing arrangement as well as a great selection on the wine menu. It is a pleasure to let him select a good wine and hear him tell about his favourite bottles.


 The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

La Source is a surprising gastronomic restaurant that delivers nothing but quality – from the outstanding dishes, the beautiful location, to the great team. The combination of this high-end restaurant and the beautiful hotel offers an excellent gastronomic getaway for all food and luxury lovers.

Belgian Taste Buds:

–              Food Buds                                                  8.5/10

–              Wine Pairing Buds                                          8/10

–              Price/Quality Buds                                         8.5/10

–              Service Buds                                                 8.5/10

–              Experience Buds                                          8.5/10

La Source
Paalsteenlaan 90
3620 Lanaken
Phone: +32 89 73 97 77

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