Kommilfoo (Antwerp, Belgium)

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The place

Restaurant Kommilfoo is located on the Vlaamse Kaai in the centre of Antwerp in Belgium. It is managed by Chef Olivier de Vinck and his wife Inger Blancquaert. The couple has been managing the restaurant for more than 15 years and together they created a fine-dining hotspot on a premium location in Antwerp.

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The interior of restaurant Kommilfoo is classic with modern touches. The dining room is bright, with big windows offering a view on the famous Vlaamse Kaai. White and brown are the main colours in the dining room and modern artworks decorate the walls. The atmosphere is comfortable and luxurious.

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For guests searching more privacy, the property also features a beautiful private dining room with a connecting separate kitchen upstairs. Up to fourteen guests can enjoy a private dinner or party here.

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The chef & the food

After graduating as a trader, Chef Olivier de Vinck quickly found out that this profession was not the thing his dreams were made of. Olivier was asked to cook at the at the tennis-hockey club in Beerschot where he played, and it was here that he developed his passion for cooking. In the kitchen of this sports club he slowly developed his gastronomical philosophy. His dishes were based on luxurious products and were served to a demanding public. After this first experience with gastronomy, Olivier worked as a trainee at several famous restaurants abroad and also learnt a lot from the famous Belgian chef Eddy Van Malen, where he went cooking in his free time. In 1997, Olivier was ready for his own challenge and took over restaurant Kommilfoo in the centre of Antwerp together with his wife Inger. After a few years the couple got recognition from several gastronomic organisations, and the media followed. Their gastronomic dream was realized.

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Today, Chef Olivier de Vinck mixes classic and modern elements and cooks from his gut feeling. He only serves what he thinks is great, without following rules or guidelines. Because he did not had a traditional formation the chef dares to think outside the box, creating tasty dishes with pronounced flavours. He loves to work with local products but also uses international influences when they add an extra layer to the main product. We visited Kommilfoo for lunch and enjoyed the following menu:


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The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Restaurant Kommilfoo is solid option for fine dining in the centre in Antwerp. Chef Olivier uses beautiful products to create original dishes, bursting with flavour. The service is impeccable, adding up to a great dining experience. A place to sit back and enjoy culinary delights ‘Kommilfoo’ (as it should be).

Belgian Taste Buds:

–        Food Buds                                                        8/10

–        Wine Buds                                                        8/10

–        Price/Quality Buds                                           7.5/10

–        Service Buds                                                    8/10

–        Experience Buds                                             8/10

Vlaamsekaai 17
2000 Antwerpen
Phone: +32 3 237 30 00

What Others Are Saying

  1. Culinaire wandeling Antwerpen Jan 16, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Kommilfoo is één van mijn favoriete restaurants van ‘t Stad. Maar er zijn er nog… Dat mocht ik vorig jaar tijdens onze jaarlijkse teambuilding met de collega’s ontdekken. Toen deden we onder meer een culinaire wandeling in Antwerpen. Van een leuke ervaring gesproken!

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