La Grande Maison (Bordeaux, France)

Hotel La grande Maison

La Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez is a small luxury 5* hotel located in the centre of one of the world’s most famous wine capitals, Bordeaux. The property is owned by the famous businessman and “Ambassador of Excellence” Bernard Magrez, who combines the art of haute cuisine with the art of fine wines and contemporary art at his hotel and restaurant in Bordeaux.

La Grande Maison is located in a wonderful late nineteenth century mansion where French art de vivre and excellence are omnipresent. The hotel is located just outside the centre of Bordeaux in a residential area and features just six rooms that all breathe luxury and elegance.

Decorated by Frédérique Fournier, refinement and elegance are key in the design. The designer started from a revisited Napoleon III style and French crafts, silk, and vibrant colors are everywhere.

Each rooms has its own character and they carry beautiful names such as Contemplation, Hope and Harmony. At La Grande Maison, Bernard Magrez wants his guest to feel like home and a sense of comfort is injected into the rooms through the use of subtle lighting, thick bath towels, bathrobes and soft slippers. Additionally, all room items like coffee and drinks from the minibar are included.

Restaurant La Grande Maison

The gourmet restaurant La Grande Maison is located in three different areas on the ground floor that all have their own identity. The décor is an interpretation from the Napoleon III style and is elegantly executed.

The kitchen of La Grande Maison Bernard Magrez is led by one of France’s most famous chefs: Pierre Gagnaire. Pierre’s restaurants shine all over France and the rest of the world. In Bordeaux he started his newest story with Executive Chef Jean-Denis Lebras.

Executive Chef Jean-Denis Lebras hails from French Brittany and has been working with Pierre Gagnaire for 11 years. He worked in Sketch in London and at restaurant Pierre in the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. The chef shares the sensitivity for ‘grande cuisine’ from Gagnaire. In Bordeaux he adds a personal creativity based upon great local products.

His dishes are mostly classical French with a local twist. Products from the Aquitaine region are the star and are served recognisable in the plate. They come directly from the producers, without intermediaries. Some dishes are finished at the table, creating a show and an experience for the guests. One à la carte choice mainly consists out of four to five different servings around the chosen theme, a richness of servings that is truly one of Gagnaire’s signatures.

We had lunch at La Grande Maison on March 2017 and tried different signature dishes from the à la carte.

Snacks and bread service

Dishes (selection)

Coffee & Sweets

The service in La Grande Maison is remarkably professional and lead by the Hotel & Restaurant Manager Julien Gardin. In short notice they managed to create one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux. The sommeliers of the restaurant offer 259 Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés, which is a unique collection in the world.

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Bernard Magrez & Pierre Gagnaire like to profile themselves as “the ambassadors of excellence”. Indeed, at La Grande Maison it is all about excellence, passion, and French Grandeur. Haut-de-gamme hospitality, fine dining and a unique wine selection constitute an inseparable trio and this place offers a memorable French Haute Cuisine experience in Bordeaux.

La Grande Maison Bernard Magrez
10 Rue Labottière
33000 Bordeaux
Phone: +33 5 35 38 16 16

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