Hof Van Cleve Revisit (Kruishoutem)


The Place

Hof Van Cleve, the famous 3 Michelin star restaurant of Chef Peter Goossens, remains one of our favourite restaurants in the Benelux. For more information about the restaurant, please discover our previous review.


The interior was recently renovated but remains bright and comfortable, with spacious tables and luxurious materials coming from Belgian artisans. A touch of gold is added subtly to increase the warm atmosphere. Modern artworks from Tine Hunts adorn the walls, whispering a soft and calming story coming from exotic Thailand.

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The tableware is created by Anna torfs and the stunning knifes that are served with the meat courses are designed by the famous Antoine Van Loocke. The beautiful terrace is the ideal spot for the start or the end of your meal on warmer days.

The Chef & The food

Peter Goossens is one of the best and most famous chefs in Belgium. The chef and his wife Lieve Goossens founded Hof van Cleve back in 1987 and have earned most of the highest recognitions and accolades possible. We revisited Hof Van Cleve in November 2016 to sample some of Peter’s famous game dishes.



Tomato mousse with shrimps from Zeebrugge and rocket salad

dsc_2214 dsc_2219

Tartelette of ham and Beaufort cheese, and sherry with a powder of chorizo


Hamachi with ponzu sorbet, cream of black garlic and red rice


Paté of hare with apple, red currant, Cevennes onions, oxtail jelly and cream of Porto


Chicken liver parfait with carrot cream, orange, pearl onions and brioche


Namur snails, marrow, cecina, potato and buttermilk



NATIVE OYSTER FROM ZEELAND 6/o, combined with bergamot, cucumber, and smoked eel

dsc_2285 dsc_2298 dsc_2312

SCALLOP ‘ERQUIY ST-BRIEUC’, with witlof, salsify, and jerusalem artichoke

dsc_2328 dsc_2335 dsc_2329

CODFISH ‘NORTH SEA’, leek, mussel, and parsley

dsc_2340 dsc_2344

LANGOUSTINE ‘GUILVINEC’, basil, chorizo and white bean

dsc_2358 dsc_2367 dsc_2381

HARE,  apple, celeriac, green cabbage
* This is a famous game dish that returns every year, always served similar but with different accents

dsc_2430 dsc_2432 dsc_2439 dsc_2441 dsc_2448

Cheese Selection

dsc_2478 dsc_2486

MANDARIN ‘CASTELLÓN’, passion fruit, hammam tea and butternut squash

dsc_2497 dsc_2515

VAN DENDER, pecan, caramel, pear doyenné
 dsc_2524 dsc_2542 dsc_2530

Chocolate and sweets
 dsc_2566 dsc_2565 dsc_2571dsc_2560 dsc_2557dsc_2554
The Wines

Head Sommelier Mathieu Vanneste dares to think outside the box and surprises the guests with different and appealing wine pairings. In addition, several special artisan beers or sakes are also served and it is not a big surprise that the wine list is fantastic, with amazing references from all big houses. We were astonished by his extensive knowledge of and extreme passion for wines and other beverages.

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Hof Van Cleve is about product excellence, ultimate quality and the perfect dining experience. Peter Goossens strives to create the perfect dining environment for his guests and Hof Van Cleve surely gets near to perfection. From entering the building you will be indulged in the ultimate gourmet experience, based on the finest products that Belgium has to offer.

Belgian Taste Buds:

  • Food Buds 9.5/10
  • Wine Pairing Buds 9.5/10
  • Price/Quality Buds 8/10
  • Service Buds 9/10
  • Experience Buds 9/10 

Hof Van Cleve
Riemegemstraat 1
9770 Kruishoutem
+32 (0)9 383 58 48

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