Hof Van Cleve (Kruishoutem)

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The Place

Hof Van Cleve is one of the very best restaurants in the Benelux.  It is located in a farmhouse with a typical Flemish architecture in the outskirts of Kruishoutem (near Ghent and Kortrijk). Because of its quite remote location and rural feel, visitors get an exclusive (holiday) feeling when entering the property.



The interior is minimalistic and tastefully decorated with luxurious and refined art and the very best of table accessories.



We discovered work from glass artist Anna Torfs, chairs from Jules Wabbes, custom-made furniture from André Verroken, curtains from Arlette Ghesquière, tablecloths from Denise Creupelant, crockery from Ann Van Hoey, knives from Antoine Van Loocke and artworks from famous artists like Roger Raveel, Hans Vandekerckhove, Hugo Claus and Luc Hoenraet. Luxury and top quality is the philosophy here, and that is extended to the interior as well.


The Chef

Peter Goossens is one of the best and most famous chefs in Belgium. The chef and his wife Lieve Goossens founded Hof van Cleve back in 1987 and have earned most of the highest recognitions and accolades possible.

Chef Peter Goossens

Peter was born in Zottegem in 1964 and he worked for some of the best restaurants like the Parisian Pré Catelan before he started his dream restaurant in Kruishoutem. The Chef gained international recognition for his culinary perfection and the style of his cooking, which is deeply rooted in the traditional Belgian cuisine, but with influences from other regions such as Asia as well. Peter Goossens’ kitchen is all about the perfect balance between classic and contemporary and between creativity and advanced techniques. The cooking gets near to perfection with the very best of ingredients available, a recognizable preparation, perfected techniques and strong, honest flavours.


Not only the cooking approaches perfection, the team (led by Lieve Goosens) is also excelling in service and makes the most demanding customers feel at home.

Lady of the house Lieve Goossens Assistant Sommelier Jessie Kegels Service Staff Caroline Claeys Service Staff Rani Walthery Maitre Serge Sierens _38A0234 Day to day chef Maarten Bouckaert Chef Peter Goossens

The experienced staff consist of some of Belgium’s greatest catering talents, who make the service faultless and running like a train.

Whole team

The Food

At Hof Van Cleve, it’s all about the product. Only the very best products of the highest quality available are used, and products are prepared in a recognizable, pure manner. Dishes like the native oyster preparations excel in flavour, finesse and let you discover how a perfect oyster should taste like. The hare main course brings a perfectly prepared, tender peace of hare and is completed by perfect supplements like goose liver and wild mushrooms. Game at its best!


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_38A0389 _38A0284


Native oyster from Zeeland 5/0, Potato, Yoghurt, Smoked eel

Cold preparation

Hot preparation


Scallop ‘Erquiy St-Brieuc’, Witlof, Brown Butter, Jerusalem artichoke

Cold preparation


Hot preparation


Codfish, Citrus, Shrimp, Young leek


Langoustine ‘Guilvinec’, Spelt, Chorizo, Parmesan



Hare ‘Saddle-Shoulder’, Salsify, Goose liver, Wild mushrooms



Cheeses (‘Comté’, ‘Achelse Blauwe’)



Pre desserts




Mandarin, Black currant, Orange flower, white chocolate


Chocolate ‘Fortina 65%’, Chestnut, Apple ‘braeburn’, Belgian beer ‘Geuze Boon’


Chocolate and sweets


The Wines

Sommelier Pieter Verheyde is one of Belgium’s – or should we say the world’s – best sommeliers. Pieter won various prices, including Belgium’s best sommelier and the Prosper Montagné award.

Head Sommelier Pieter Verheyde

With his natural flair and elegance he presents an impressive selection of pairing wines or helps customers choose from the even more impressing wine menu. We were astonished by his broad knowledge of and extreme passion for wines, beers and liquors.


The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Hof Van Cleve is about excellence, passion and ultimate quality. Peter Goossens strives to create the perfect dining experience and Hof Van Cleve surely gets near to perfection. From entering the building you will be indulged in the ultimate gourmet experience, based on the finest products that Belgium has to offer.

Staff members team

Belgian Taste Buds:

–          Food Buds                                                         9.5/10

–          Wine Pairing Buds                                            9.5/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                            8/10

–          Service Buds                                                    9/10

–          Experience Buds                                              9/10

Hof Van Cleve
Riemegemstraat 1
9770 Kruishoutem
+32 (0)9 383 58 48

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