Hertog Jan Revisit (Zedelgem, Belgium)


The Place

The new Hertog Jan (3 Michelin stars) opened on July 22nd 2014, after 4 years of renovation. The restaurant is now located in the small town of Zedelgem, just a few kilometres from Bruges. The old restaurant serves as a second project, ‘Bistro Biss’, a Spanish oriented bistro restaurant. The new restaurant is located on the historical farm where the restaurant owners previously organically produced many herbs, vegetables and flowers. Today they also have a second, walled garden which gives them the ability to produce and harvest unique types of ingredients. In these gardens they produce around ninety-five percent of the herbs, vegetables and fruits that are used in the kitchen.

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The domain of the new Hertog Jan is impressive. Upon entering, guests are welcomed by the garden, the new building where the dining room of the restaurant is located, and two authentic preserved buildings from the old homestead. The kitchen and dining room are beautifully restored and no expenses were spared. Large glass windows give a spacious feeling and a beautiful view of the garden. Automatic glass doors provide openness, but caution is recommended when moving through the spaces.


A beautiful solid wooden floor adorns the dining room, while the decoration remains sober with black chairs, white tables and a single flower. The rest of the table is covered during the meal. Even the restrooms are impressive and give a soothing spa feeling with large spaces, luxury toiletries and beautiful fittings. Sustainability is also high on the agenda of the New Hertog Jan and the ecological footprint is minimized where possible.

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The Chef

Chef Gert De Mangeleer and Restaurant Manager & Sommelier Joachim Boudens are still managing Hertog Jan together and remain the proof of how a strong friendship can result in one of the best restaurants in the world.

Chef Patron Gert De MangeleerRestaurant Manager & Sommelier Joachim Boudens

The team of Hertog Jan exists out of thirty people in total (twelve-fourteen in the kitchen, eight-nine in the dining room) and the restaurant is open for 10 services per week (Tuesday – Saturday).


The Food

Gert De Mangeleer is still cooking on a high-tech level with a strong focus on spices, vegetables and fruits. Every dish starts from a spice or vegetable from the garden and expands to a complex creation, in which vegetables or spices usually play the leading role


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Coffee and sweets


The Wines

Joachim Boudens is in charge of the wines and the dining rooms and welcomes guests with a natural flair and elegance. As one of the best sommeliers of the Benelux, Joachim knows exactly which bottle of wine or beer will complete Gert his dishes. To reduce complexity and enhance calmness in the dining rooms, a pairing wine option is no longer available. However, upon request Joachim and his assistant sommelier Dries are happy to serve you some excellent wines by the glass.

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The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Gert and Joachim continue to build their gastronomic empire and demand respect for what they achieved at such a young age. Hertog Jan surely is one of Belgium’s best restaurants and is a world-class restaurant in many aspects. The focus on the farm, the home-grown vegetables and the spices is unique and assures an exceptional dining experience. However, the experience doesn’t come cheap, but such a labour-intensive kitchen has a price (certainly in Belgium, where employee costs are extremely high).

Belgian Taste Buds:

–              Food Buds                                                          9/10

–              Wine Pairing Buds                                            9/10

–              Price/Quality Buds                                            7.5/10

–              Service Buds                                                      9/10

–              Experience Buds                                                9/10


Hertog Jan
Loppemsestraat 52
8210 Zedelgem
Phone: +32 50 67 34 46

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