The Glorious – Cocktail Menu (Antwerp)


The Place

The Glorious Winebar & Bistro is a culinary hotspot in Antwerp. The place is particularly known for its high-end cocktails, prepared by the famous Belgian cocktail shaker Jurgen Lijcops.


The interior is dark, chic and luxurious and creates an intimate feeling for its guests. On the ground floor there is a beautiful bar where you can sip from a cocktail; a glass of champagne or a great wine, and several tables for diners. The second floor has another dining room, and the building also boasts luxury rooms to spend the night. Host Jurgen Lijcops wanted to create an accessible and tastefully chic bistro bar/restaurant, where quality prevails.


The Chef

The food, just like the interior, is authentic and contemporary. Top chef Johan Van Raes prepares highly recognizable dishes, served in a no-nonsense bistro style. For more information about the chef his kitchen, please see Be Gusto’s review.

We visited the Glorious on the 24th of September 2013 and had the opportunity to try the new cocktail menu by Jurgen Lijcops. The “Glorious Treasure cocktail menu” is a unique four-course menu that combines special cocktails with pairing dishes. The menu is only served to a 4 guests at a time, so reservations are required. Price is 69€ per person, including cocktails and food.

The Food

The evening is kicked off with an aperitif cocktail of Laurent Perrier Champagne with mango and syrup of elderflower and yuzu.


The first “cocktail dish” is inspired by the famous Bloody Mary: Cherry Tomatoes are marinated and infused with vodka, horseradish and celery salt.

Dish 1

Next up is Jurgen’s interpretation of the Waldorf salad, which is served as a drink in a beautiful Murano glass with Poire Williams, Calvados, vermouth and apple-pear-plum juice and finished with chicory, pear, apple, plum and caramelized golden walnut. The cocktail comes with a plate with blue cheese, toast, figs and the traditional Waldorf vegetables.

Dish 2

A third cocktail with blackberries, Spring gin, vermouth and lemon accompanies a great foie gras dish with cepes and surprises with the original taste combination.

Dish 3

The dessert comes as a scoop of chocolate ice cream with truffle and Madeira. In the glass, a sublime Taylor Tawny port (20 years).

Dish 4

Lijcops loves details and spirits are also present with the coffee: four locally made chocolates are infused with calvados, rum, chartreuse and Islay whiskey.


The Glorious Treasure Cocktail menu is a great opportunity to sample some of the best cocktails of Jurgen Lijcops together with creative pairing dishes. The dishes are rather small and could better be described as tapas – big eaters, be warned!

The Glorious
De Burburestraat 4 A
2000 Antwerpen
Tel.: 03/ 237. 06.13

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