Funky Gourmet (Athens, Greece)


The Place

Funky Gourmet restaurant is located in Athens (Greece) and is managed by three young and driven Greeks: Argyro Hiliadaki, Maître and owner; Georgianna Hiliadaki, Head Chef and owner; and Nick Roussos, Head Chef and owner. Both Georgianna and Nick completed a study at the university but there persistent love for gastronomy made them change course and drove them towards the opening of Funky Gourmet.

Head Chef and owner Georgianna HiliadakiHead Chef and owner Nick Roussos

The restaurant opened its doors in November 2009 and received several internationals recognitions in the years after. Today, it has 2 Michelin stars and is one of the best and most famous restaurants in Greece. A team of 25 persons is serving around 30 guests, providing a unique experience and an excellent service.


Funky Gourmet’s entrance is located in an unsuspicious house in a back alley in an upcoming neighbourhood of Athens. On the ground floor you will find a private dining room and a cosy cocktail bar where you can start with an aperitif. Afterwards, you will be led upstairs through a spiral staircase to the main dining room: a modern, minimalistic but comfortable room with large open windows looking onto the street. Black and white are the main colours in the dining room and subtle artworks as well as subdued lightning create a cosy atmosphere. After dinner, guests are led outside through another staircase at the back of the building.

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The Chefs

Head chefs and owners Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nick Roussos cook together at Funky Gourmet and they create exceptional dishes, based on the Greek cuisine but presented in innovative, creative interpretations. A lot of the plates are custom made which enhances the unique experience. The menu at Funky Gourmet is constantly evolving, following the seasons and the local produce. There are three tasting menus available and Georgianna and Nick are not afraid to use the newest techniques and special ingredients to surprise their guests. The owners are clearly perfectionistic in their approach on the management of the restaurant and maintain control over all aspects that can contribute to a perfect dining experience. Service is impeccable and the waiters and sommeliers are very knowledgeable and keen on offering the guests an unforgettable experience.

The Food


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Coffee and sweets


The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Funky Gourmet is must-visit when you are in Athens. The combination between the authentic Greek flavours and the inventive, creative take on the contemporary cuisine is simply outstanding and will surprise every gourmet lover. The restaurant is open for dinner 5 days a week (Tuesday – Saturday).

Belgian Taste Buds:

–              Food Buds                                                      8.5/10

–              Wine Pairing Buds                                          8/10

–              Price/Quality Buds                                         8/10

–              Service Buds                                                  9/10

–              Experience Buds                                             8.5/10

Funky Gourmet
13 Paramithias Street and Salaminos
Keramikos 10435 Athens
Phone: +32 50 67 34 46

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