Fragments of Zeeland & Summerfest 2016



Zeeland, one of the most beautiful regions of The Netherlands, does not need much introduction. It is one of the most pleasant areas in terms of nature and gastronomy, and a perfect weekend getaway. The province is located in the south-west of the country, bordering Belgium, and consists of a number of islands next to stunning countryside.


The first weekend of June 2016, the municipality of Sluis organized a trip through the beautiful region to show the many assets and great restaurants.The region has everything you need to define it as a food Walhalla, from catch and producer to plate.


The North Sea and the salting mudflats offer a whole range of healthy and nourishing products, such as wild catch fish, crustacean and shellfish, seaweed and marsh samphire. Together with the dunes, those nature reserves form the ‘wild gardens’ for many top chefs in the area. The farmers produce a wide range of biological products, from herbs to eatable flowers, from old potatoes races to asparagus.


’12 hands lunch’ at Pure C

On Sunday, the excursion stated at Pure C with a very special lunch. For more information about Pure C, please discover our previous report.


No less than 6 different chefs were invited to cook, creating a ’12-hands lunch’ event. The chef line-up was impressive:

–        Sergio Herman (Oud Sluis, Pure C, The Jane)
–        Syrco Bakker (Pure C)
–        Sven Elverfeld (Aqua)
–        Andreas Caminada (Schloss Schauenstein)
–        Soenil Bahadoer (de Lindehof)
–        Jurgen Koens (Pastry Club)


Guests were welcomed at the outdoor terrace facing the sea, sipping a cocktail and enjoying the first Pure C bites. The menu consisted out of 5 snacks and 8 courses:



Salad, cucumber, gazpacho (Andreas)

DSC_6577 DSC_6576

Salmon, sake, radish, yogurt, rose (Sergio)


‘Bread Pure C’ (Syrco)


Pumpkin, pani-puri, duck, tamarind (Soenil)


Kalamata olive, kumquat, wild board, fennel (Sven)



Oyster, frozen Hierbas de las dunas Margarita, BBQ oyster, finger lime, mousseline (Syrco)


Trout, Tainach caviar, mushroom, hazelnut (Sven)


Lobster, red beet, dashi, caviar (Sergio)


Nasi goring (Syrco)

DSC_6632 DSC_6626

Lamb, buckthorn, onion (Andreas)


Veal, herbs, algae, elderflower (Syrco)


Rendang, ginger beer, yellow curry, soy (Soenil)


Green tea, NY Cheesecake, gin, lime, green apple (Jurgen)


Zeeland Produce experiences

After lunch, the participants were invited for a tour through the region. We visited local suppliers, an asparagus farm, and the small town of Groede.


In Groede, we visited restaurant ‘Etablissement 1880’, and sampled several local products from Food Delta Zeeland at a ” Feel food market”. The day ended with different beers from brewery Markensteijn in De Drie Koningen.

LDR_8975 LDR_9015 LDR_9061 LDR_9095 LDR_9134 LDR_9128

Lunch at De Kromme Watergang

The second day of the trip started with an excursion to the ‘schorren en slikken’ Scheldt estuary, guided by Edwin Vinke, owner and chef of restaurant de Kromme Watergang in Hoofdplaat.

LDR_9317 LDR_9171 _LDR2560

Lunch was served at his restaurant and consisted of an exceptional seafood platter and several fine preparations of seafood:
 DSC_6712 DSC_6709LDR_9184

Click here for our previous visit of De Kromme Watergang.


In the afternoon if was finally time for ‘The Grand final’ of the two-day excursion: a visit to Summerfest, the culinary festival of Cyrco Bakker. The event took place on the site of the Beach Church in Cadzand Bad. The area was transformed into a colorful, cheerful, tasty, and inspiring terrain.

LDR_9345 LDR_9347 LDR_9350

Several special acts, speakers, food trucks, barbecues, artists and DJ’s provided entertainment, quality music and superb bites and drinks. A highly recommend festival to get acquainted with the beautiful produce from Zeeland, taste dishes from some of the best chefs in the world, and dance some calories away on music & beats from different artist.

LDR_9397 LDR_9364 LDR_9374 LDR_9378 LDR_9379

Thanks to all chefs, the organisation and everybody involved. See you next year!


Resto-bar Pure C / Strandhotel
Blvd de Wielingen 49 – 4506 JK Cadzand-Bad
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 117 39 60 36

Restaurant De Kromme Waterang
Slijkplaat 6 – 4513 KK Hoofdplaat
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 117 348 696




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