De Treeswijkhoeve (Waalre, The Netherlands)


The Place

Restaurant De Treeswijkhoeve is a 2 Michelin star restaurant located in the small village of Waalre, near Eindhoven (The Netherlands). It is managed by Chef Dick Middelweerd and his wife Anne-Laura Middelweerd-Mulder. In 2000 the couple decided to take over the restaurant from Anne-Laura’s parents and created the gastronomical hotspot that it is today.


The restaurant is established in an old, renovated farmhouse that dates from 1916. It is a beautiful property with several dining rooms, a wine cellar, a big open kitchen and a nice terrace with a stylish garden.


Dick Middelweerd also has a second garden on the property where he cultivates herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits such as grapes, plums & raspberries. These ingredients are used in the kitchen and deliver a personal, seasonal touch to the menus. Dick and Anne-Laura renovated the property step by step and today the interior of De Treeswijkhoeve is modern, while maintaining the authentic feeling of the old farmhouse.

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White and brown are the main colours and several parts of the original walls are preserved. A nice accent are the hundreds of Michelin guides (the oldest one dates from 1956) that are displayed at the entrance and in the dining rooms.

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The large open kitchen is impressive and ensures an entertaining view from the dining room. Around 40 guests can dine in the restaurant and a personal service is very important for Dick and Anne-Laura.


The Chef

Dick Middelweerd is a very passionate, creative and open-minded chef as well as a great host.

Head Chef Dick Middelweerd
Together with his wife Anne-Laura he gained experience in several top restaurants, before they started to work at De Treeswijkhoeve.

Head Chef Dick Middelweerd and Lady of the House Anne-Laura Middelweerd-Mulder

He discusses the menu with all his clients and changes or preferences are never a problem. In the kitchen, he is assisted by Sous-Chef Joppe Sprinkhuizen.

Sous-Chef Joppe Sprinkhuizen

The chef displays a regional, light and pure cooking style, where fish and recognisable quality products are important. The menu displays à la carte dishes or several lunch or dinner menus (3-5 courses), with very correct prices. Health is also important for Dick Middelweerd and that is reflected in the dishes: he uses lots of local, organic ingredients and vegetables play an important role. His kitchen is also inspired by the seasons, books, conversations with colleagues, and his travels.


The Food

We enjoyed the following ‘Alliance menu’ at De Treeswijkhoeve:


Krupuk basil-tomato-olive


Meiknollen on the bbq


Peas with smoked eel


Japanese Nashi Pear with verbena


Sausage rolls stuffed with lobster, asparagus. Cut at the table and finished with basil cream.

_38A8928 _38A8926

Cured salmon with chia seeds, oyster, turnip, tastes of coconut and yuzu


Norway lobster, asparagus, herring caviar, puffed rice


Streaky gently cooked on the grill, artichoke, butterscotch, sweet potato


Aperitif: Champagne Ruinart



Sardines, quinoa, cucumber, salsa verde, cucumber vinaigrette with mustard seed
Wine: Riesling Sieler, Buntsandstein, 2012, Pfalz, Austria


Lobster gently cooked, structures of tomato, burata, basil, black olives, shredded coeur de boeuf.
Wine: Temp Stadt, Godellocdruif 2012, Valdeorras, Spanja Galicia

_38A9028 _38A9017

Sea bass baked on the skin with mussels and algae, eggplant, radish, asparagus in tempura and dashi broth
Wine: Mas Bruguiere, Les Muriers 2012, Languedoc, Marsanne & rousanne


Fowl, asparagus, Cevenne onion, beans, mushroom, cheese from the Genneper Hoeve, sauce of fenugreek
Wine: Ch Du Hureau, Tuffe 2010, cab franc, Saumur-Champigny, Loire, Philippe et Georges Vatan


Rhubarb with white chocolate, lychee and bastogne cookies
Wine: Viu Manent 2013, Valle De Coichagua, chili, noble semillon


Peach, raspberry, roses and ice from macaroons


Flavors of chocolate with mint and pistachio, vanilla and mint vinaigrette


Coffee and sweets

Fudge caramel-choc



The Wines

Wines are managed by maître sommelier Rene Tabbers and assistant sommelier Geert Lommen. The team presents beautiful, internationally orientated, pairings with the menu.

Maître sommelier Rene Tabbers_38A9175

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

De Treeswijkhoeve is a very pleasant fine dining restaurant where customers get to enjoy fine, fresh and pure food in a cosy setting. The chef employs a personal approach to comfort his guests and scores with delicious, modern Dutch cuisine.


Belgian Taste Buds:

–              Food Buds                                                      8.5/10

–              Wine Pairing Buds                                          8/10

–              Price/Quality Buds                                         8.5/10

–              Service Buds                                                  8.5/10

–              Experience Buds                                             8/10

De Treeswijkhoeve
Valkenswaardseweg 14
5582 VB Waalre
The Netherlands
Phone +31 40 221 55 93

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