De Lindehof (Nuenen, The Netherlands)


The Place

Restaurant De Lindehof is a 2 Michelin star restaurant managed by Chef Patron Soenil Bahadoer. The restaurant is located in Nuenen (near Eindhoven) in The Netherlands. Nuenen is particularly known as the ‘Van Gogh’ town, as the famous artist lived here from 1883 until 1885 and several of his paintings are based on this town. We had lunch at De Lindehof in February 2015, and spent the night at the 4* hotel Pullman Cocagne in the centre of Eindhoven. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a hotel after your lunch or dinner!

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Restaurant De Lindehof is housed in a renovated villa in the centre of Nuenen, just in front of the picturesque Van Gogh church.


The interior of is light and modern. Several modern artworks adorn the walls of the small restaurant and a colourful sketch of Chef Patron Soenil himself draws the attention at the entrance of the restaurant.

Chef Patron Soenil Bahadoer

The spacious tables are covered with white linen and the purple, comfortable chairs set the mood for a different but memorable food experience. The restaurant also offers guests the opportunity to reserve the chef’s table inside the kitchen, which is literally located next to the cooking pots.

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The Chef

Chef Patron Soenil Bahadoer was born in Surinam and grew up within a traditional Hindu family. It was here that Soenil developed his passion for cooking and this background is still reflected in his kitchen today.


Chef Patron Soenil is a very dynamic chef and runs his restaurant with a natural charisma. He leads his team in a unique and motivating way and makes a point to personally greet all of his guests.


The Food

Soenil Bahadoer’s cooking is typified by creativity, exotic influences and a thorough understanding of the basic cooking techniques. Spices and herbs are an important point throughout his kitchen to add flavour and colour. Chef Patron Soenil is assisted by sous-chef Gijs Hoevenaars and a team of seven other chefs. A signature dish of Chef Patron Soenil Bahadoer is the preparation with Rendan (Indian pot roast), combined with ginger beer, cabbage, kimchi, miso powder, potato with curry, and white soy. An example of a dish where Soenil combines a traditional basis with international ingredients is his preparation with Sole, Vadouvan, masala, European roots, and roots from Suriname.

With his tasting menu, the chef takes his guests on a creative journey around the world: 


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Coffee and sweets


The wines & service

The dining room is led by the chef’s daughter Jennifer Bahadoer and the service is informal and professional. She is assisted by Sommelier & maître Edgaras Razminas and a team of 6 other persons.


Sommelier Edgaras hails from Lithuania and is a born entertainer (make sure to check out one of his videos on His passion for whiskey led him to wines and other beverages. Chef Patron Soenil took him under his wings and today Edgaras is a skilled, open and assertive Sommelier that guides the guests through the interesting wine & beverage list of the restaurant.

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Restaurant de Lindehof is great place to enjoy some of the best top-end gastronomy in The Netherlands. The extravagant chef, the flamboyant team and the creative, exotic cuisine ensure that you are up for a memorable treat!

Belgian Taste Buds:

–              Food Buds                                                     8.5/10

–              Wine Pairing Buds                                          8/10

–              Price/Quality Buds                                         7.5/10

–              Service Buds                                                8.5/10

–              Experience Buds                                             8/10

De Lindehof
Beekstraat 1
5671 CS Nuenen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 40 283 7336

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