De Kromme Watergang (Slijkplaat, NL)


The Place

Restaurant De Kromme Watergang is located in the beautiful Zeeland region in The Netherlands. Upon arrival guests are overwhelmed by the tranquillity that is generated by the neighbouring sea, the fields and the picturesque village where you will find the restaurant: Slijkplaat.

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Facing the waters and the fields, the beautiful village of Slijkplaat only counts around fifty inhabitants and around thirty houses. It is indeed remarkable that this place boasts one of the most inventive restaurants in The Netherlands!


The restaurant is established in a beautiful former school with an impressive entrance, a cosy and fairylike backyard and the important garden “Zilte Hof”, just in front of the restaurant.


The interior is dominated by black, white and red colours and boasts an open kitchen, while the backyard forms a perfect spot for lunch with its miniature rolling hills and a nice pond full of coy carps.

_MG_3596 _MG_3595


The garden “Zilte Hof” produces vegetables, spices and fruits and is used as an experimenting yard for the restaurant’s ingredients. “Zilte Hof” opened a new world for the restaurant and its team and together with 2 other involved actors the beautiful produce from Zeeland is promoted through this garden.


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The Chef

De Kromme Watergang was created in 1993 by Chef Edwin Vinke and his wife and lady of the house Blanche Vinke. Besides the restaurant the couple also exploits three beautiful suites nearby that offer the ideal accommodation after a wonderful dinner. Chef Edwin Vinke stands for passion, drive for perfection, pride and enjoyment and demonstrates an eye for the best local ingredients (and there are many) which he prepares in creative and surprising ways.

Edwin Vinke and Blanche Vinke

His kitchen is based on the salty and earthy flavours that he finds around De Kromme Watergang. He strives to create fresh, light (with no fast sugars), easily digestible and creative dishes that are inspired by the beautiful Zeeland landscape. And he and his team deliver: the restaurant is rewarded with 2 Michelin stars and is internationally praised by foodies.

The chef and lady of the house are complemented by Mike Dooms, sommelier and maître, and Hendrik Buysse, sous-chef, and together with the rest of the team they reach culinary heights.

Mike Dooms and Hendrik Buysse

The Food

The sea and its produce are very important for De Kromme Watergang: beautiful fish and shellfish are presented in their purest forms and seawater is used to cook the ingredients, to water the plants and vegetables and even as a concentrated spray to replace the salt on your bread! The restaurant also tries to keep the lines between the manufacturer and the kitchen as short as possible, and the suppliers are greatly respected: the restaurant even dedicated a book to them.


– Gillardeau oyster from Brittany with coconut and kiwi


– Lemon filled with smoothie of apple mojito


– Crispy cookies from sheep cheese with a dip of goat cheese

_MG_3678 _MG_3666

– Peeled whiting with radish, shiso and tomatillo with ice from sake and algae, dashi juice


– Roasted young fennel with granny smith and Chinese herbs


– Tartar from langoustines, bergamot flowers, blood orange oil, butternut



Aperitif: Champagne Brut Trouillard Elexium, 50 % Chardonnay , 30 % Pinot Noir , 20 % Pinot Meunier


_MG_3755 _MG_3742
1) Vegetables from the ‘Zilte Hof’ with hand-peeled shrimps
Wine: Spain, Bianca 2011, Rueda Verdejo


2) Harder, mussels, razor tartar with spring onion and sea water, sorrel, wasabi, daikon, cucumber herb, cream of green curry, bone marrow and a vinaigrette of celery. This dish demonstrates the love for local, pure products and is delicate in flavour and presentation.
Wine: Les Grands Chanoines Dignitaries Fendant du Valais 2012, Chasselas, Valais Switzerland


3) Salt Potato, sea vegetables, chives and lemon, mousseline sauce, seawater gel, foam of black pepper

Wine: Roero Arneis, 2010, Bruno Giacosa

4) Sole in algae butter, leek, sauce with chamomile
Wine: Bourgogne Alioto, Coche – Dury

_MG_3855 _MG_3848

5) Mul, zucchini, zucchini flower, eel, cream of anchovy, gazpacho with olive oil
Wine: Rose, Domaine de Pontfract, Côtes de Provence, 2012





6) Eel and pig: the eel is prepared with miso and soy, the pork is served in pieces (cheek, snout, tail and skin) and the dish is finished with kohlrabi, cabbage leaves and Savora mustard
Wine: Montlouis sur Loire, Chenin, le rocher des violettes 2011, Xavier Weisskopf



7) Pigeon, smoked in an Oklahoma barbeque, sauce of spices and carcass of pigeon. Amazing!
Wine: Meyer – Näkel, 2011, pinot noir, Ahr


8) Chocolate & blue cheese
Wine: Rivesaltes Hors d’ Age 1978


9) Carrot & apricot, almond, carrot sorbet and exotic fruits, citrus and marigolds
Wine: Petit Manseng, Cabidos, 2010

_MG_4037 _MG_4017 _MG_4013

10) Raspberry, Pistachio, white chocolate, ice cream of the liquorice plant, chiboust of blueberry, mousseline of lime
Wine: Col Rosè rosato vino spumante extra dry, Spagnol


Some of the dishes are presented on old and precious plates, manufactured in the region decades or even centuries ago. Just another example of how all the elements blend together nicely into a great gastronomical experience, focussed on the beautiful region and quality ingredients.

Coffee & Sweets




The Wines

The wine selection stands out in diversity and subtlety and from the aperitif to the digestive, Mike Dooms surprises with excellent choices. The passionate sommelier has been awarded with several prices and has a keen eye for great wine pairings that complete the restaurant’s cuisine perfectly.

_MG_3904 _MG_3897


The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

De Kromme Watergang is a true culinary gem located in a beautiful region in The Netherlands. The philosophy directs the restaurant in a great way which is reflected in pure, surprising dishes bursting with flavours. Every food lover should visit De Kromme Watergang for a memorable gastronomic trip, laced with culinary highlights, joy and admiration.

Belgian Taste Buds:

–          Food Buds                                                     8.5/10

–          Wine Pairing Buds                                        8.5/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                         8/10

–          Service Buds                                                 8.5/10

–          Experience Buds                                          9/10

Restaurant De Kromme Waterang
Slijkplaat 6
4513 KK Hoofdplaat
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 117 348 696




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