De Jonkman – ‘Vrijdag Visdag’ (Bruges)


The Place

De Jonkman is the 2 Michelin star restaurant of chef Filip Claeys, located in the outskirts of Bruges. The restaurant is located on a beautiful property next to a busy road, where guests can dine in a luxurious setting.  An impressive entrance and private garden in front of the restaurant sets the mood and welcomes the guests. In summer, the garden and the outdoor terraces are ideal to enjoy the aperitif or the whole meal outside.


The Chef

Chef and owner Filip Claeys gained experience at restaurants such as De Karmeliet and Le Fox and cooked for years at the side of Sergio Herman at Oud Sluis. His wife Sandra also worked there in the service. In 2006 the couple decided to take a step forward and open their own restaurant: De Jonkman. Filip offers a contemporary kitchen, based on the very best products and natural flavours. Seasonal and locale produce play the main roles in his dishes. The Jonkman is awarded two Michelin stars and 18/20 points in the Gault & Millau.


The concept

High quality products are everything for Filip Claeys, and local produce definitely has his preference. This is one of the reasons Restaurant De Jonkman cooperates with VSVC, the Flemish Cooperative of Fish and Shellfish. This allows Filip and his team to offer top quality fresh fish directly from the fishermen of the North Sea.


To stimulate recognition (and sales) for the beautiful produce from the North Sea, Filip Claeys founded NorthseaChef, an initiative that gained lots of cooperation from star chefs and producers all over Belgium.


Recently, Filip also launched a new concept to donate more attention to the lesser known species from the North Sea: “Vrijdag Visdag” (Friday, Fish day). Every last Friday of the month, Filip and his team will prepare a special menu where he focuses entirely on the culinary potential of such – often un(der)appreciated – fish. A separate area of his restaurant De Jonkman is converted into a cosy dining hall where guests enjoy a special, interactive and very informative dinner.


NorthseaChef co-founder and fisherman Danny Huyghebaert co-presents the dinner and gives explanation about the different fish and seafood species. Filip Claeys expertly prepares the fishes afterwards and serves them in a very interesting menu formula.


You can experience these “Vrijdag Visdag” dinners every last Friday of the month. It is a great gastronomical experience where fun and casual dining is combined with useful, constructive information about some of the best of Belgium’s products. The formula contains an all-in multi-course menu with matching wines or beers, water and coffee and cost € 140. When making reservations, make sure to mention “Vrijdag = Visdag”!

The Food


‘Pretty girl’ / Taco


Cuttlefish / Red onion


Whelks / Buttermilk

_38A5584 _38A5580

Swim Crab / soup / fried / brandade
The tiny swim crabs are often thrown back into the sea, but are in fact utterly delicious! Use them to make a delicious bisque or sauce, or just cut them in half and suck the tasty flesh & juices out of the shell.

_38A5604 _38A5593

Aperitif: Entre-Deux-Monts ‘Bacquaert’ Heuvelland


Horse Mackerel / radish / daikon
The menu was kicked off with a fresh and light preparation of horse mackerel, radish and daikon.
Beer: Moinette biologique, Hainaut




Pout / smoked / vinaigrette
The pout proved to be a very tasty fish with an interesting, greasy structure. The smoked aromas and the green herbs were a great match with the fish.
Beer: Rodenbach Vintage 2011 ‘barrel n ° 95 “, Roeselare



Dogfish vs. Sand shark vs. eel
A nice tasting and comparison between the (cheaper) dogfish and sand shark and the (more expensive) eel. The dogfish and the eel pleased those who prefer a greasier, saltier type of fish, while the sand shark was delicate and had a softer structure. Interesting!
Wine: Genoels-Elderen, ‘Blue’, Haspengouw 2011


_38A5699Pieterman / Leek / Caramelized / Cheese
An amazing combination of great fish, leek and cheese. Very powerful, yet nicely balanced with enough sweetness and saltiness to support the Pieterman fish.
Wine: Daems, ‘Hagelander’ Haneland 2009




“Fish of the Year, Plaice”
The dessert was a tribute to the fish of the year, the plaice. It was served as a chocolate version, accompanied by sea buckthorn.


Coffee & sweets

_38A5776 _38A5762

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

We experienced the “Vrijdag Visdag” formula on Friday the 28th of March 2014. It was an interesting culinary night out, with informative sessions about unknown or underappreciated fish, tasty dishes, very interesting beers and wines and a perfect atmosphere!

Belgian Taste Buds:

–          Food Buds                                                      8.5/10

–          Wine Pairing Buds                                          8/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                         8/10

–          Service Buds                                                 7.5/10

–          Experience Buds                                            8.5/10

De Jonkman
Maalsesteenweg 438
8310 BRUGGE (Sint-Kruis)



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