De Bokkedoorns (Overveen, NL)

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The Place

Restaurant De Bokkedoorns is a 2 Michelin star restaurant located in Overveen, a small town near the coast in The Netherlands. The restaurant was founded in 1961 and has been developed over the years into a gourmet temple with an excellent reputation. The place is owned and managed by John Beeren and he leads a professional and driven team that delivers culinary excellence in an extraordinary setting.

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De Bokkedoorns is situated in a unique dune area with a wide view on a beautiful dune lake. The setting and atmosphere are extremely relaxing. The building is nestled between the green and guests dine next to the dunes, lots of green and with a beautiful view on the water. The interior of the restaurant is classic with a modern twist, with grey, brown, white and orange colours. Colourful, modernist artworks adorn the walls. There are two dining rooms and one of them can be used as a private dining room. When the weather permits, guests can dine on the covered terrace just next to the lake. The whole property is luxurious and oozes calmness.

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The Chef & The food

Chef Menno Post is responsible of the kitchen at De Bokkedoorns. Menno worked for the famous Dutch chef Ron Blaauw for 13 years and started working in De Bokkedoorns in 2013. The signature of Chef Menno Post is a classic interpreted kitchen, based on the French cuisine with an innovative twist. He brings his products with respect and minimalizes the processing of the ingredients. Fish is very important for the chef. In the plate, his cooking philosophy is translated into modern, honest and pure dishes.

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Menno successfully combines top products like langoustine, foie gras, pigeon and coquille with exactly what they need to transform into a great dish. In the kitchen he is assisted by a sous-chef and five other chefs and together they bring a product-driven kitchen, focussed on quality. We visited the restaurant in May 2015 and enjoyed a simply delicious lunch:

De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_11 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_12 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_13 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_15 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_16 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_17 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_18 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_19 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_20 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_21 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_22 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_23 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_24 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_25 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_26 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_28 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_29 De Bokkedoorns_Adriaan Van Looy_30

Sommelier Peter Bruins has been working at De Bokkedoorns for over 36 years. He serves mainly European wines to pair Chef Menno’s dishes. Minerality, freshness and acidity are important aspects in his wine choices. The passionate sommelier guides the guests through the wine menu and offers great pairing arrangements with the chef’s menus.

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The team at restaurant De Bokkedoorns is highly skilled, motivated an dynamic. There is a pleasant mixture between young talent and the more experienced staff, creating a loose and pleasant atmosphere in the service.

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The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

In an ever-changing culinary landscape, restaurant De Bokkedoorns successfully managed to build a solid gastronomic reputation throughout the years. The reasons for the success are simple: top quality products, prepared with a sincere respect for the ingredients; a stunning location; and a great team. A restaurant to remember.

Belgian Taste Buds:

–        Food Buds                                                   9/10

–        Wine Pairing Buds                                        7.5/10

–        Price/Quality Buds                                       8.5/10

–        Service Buds                                               8.5/10

–        Experience Buds                                           8.5/10

De Bokkedoorns
Zeeweg 53
2051 EB Overveen
The Netherlands
Phone: + 31 23 526 3600

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