Culinaria² (Event – Brussels)

Culinaria, the biggest culinary event in Belgium, has known a big evolution since its start in 2008. The concept stayed the same (tastings from star chefs, gastronomical workshops and culinary discoveries), but the location and decoration saw a great evolution. The first editions took place in tents in a park in the center in Brussels, whereas today the event is located in an indoor goods station (Tour & Taxi, Brussels). Comfort and luxury subsequently followed the evolution – and increased.

During 4 days (31 May till 3 June), you can enjoy a remarkable menu from several top chefs/restaurants in Belgium (7 courses 75 euro, 4 courses 50 euro). At the entrance you get your “course vouchers”, which you can change for a dish at the food stalls on the event. You can also enjoy an accompanying wine or beer and appetizers and desserts are also included. This way, you get a chance to meet the chefs and try 4 – 7 different dishes from different top chefs!

The theme in 2012 is “Into the raw”: a reference to the natural, organic kitchen with a subtle combination of sensorial delights, on the border of the contemporary kitchen and “the wild”.

On the press conference, this theme was presented by SIIN, the Culinaria team and Sang Hoon Degeimbre from L’air du Temps. The presentation took place in the “Forest Square”, a space decorated as a forest with fresh soil and plants. We got the chance to taste several surprising plants and herbs, and Sang prepared his famous dish “Walk in the forest” on a barbeque with nothing but plants, herbs and potatoes. During the presentation San motivated his philosophy about cooking with vegetables and herbs as a replacement for meat. Ecological and health reasons are just the basis for this philosophy, and sustainability will become a major factor in this evolution.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves – you can find which dish comes from which restaurant in the pictures capture.

Culinaria, we are ready for more!

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