Commerç 24 (Barcelona)

The Place

The restaurant is located on the premises of what was once a traditional shop selling salted fish, pickled foods and preserves in the quarter of El Born. It is in essence a tapas bar with the conveniences and service of a classic restaurant, featuring a cosmopolitan ambience.

(Copy from website Commerç 24)

The Chef

Carles Abellan, who discovered his true calling in El Bulli, returned to Barcelona to open his own restaurant at Carrer Comerç number 24. Since then his aim has been to remove the aura of sacredness from high cuisine and to offer his cooking in a contemporary setting at reasonable prices, without sacrificing his abiding creativity or the excellence of his ingredients.
At the bar counter or at tables, guests can enjoy Carles Abellan’s miniature cuisine, an eloquent culinary concept which has roots but knows no borders and which has been distinguished with a coveted Michelin star.
(Copy from website Commerç 24)

The Food

The keystones of Carles Abellan’s proposal are his tapas, which are based on the tastes of memory and an open-minded attitude to the best of all culinary cultures.

Here, avant-garde techniques are placed at the service of the dishes and the very best ingredients, combined with audacity in servings to be shared or in a sampling menu that never fails to arouse expectations and induce conversation.
(Copy from website Commerç 24)

We had the following menu on the 22nd of august 2009:

It was a very creative and varied menu with many strong flavors (olive and anchovies, garlic, foie, parmesan, truffle, etc.). However, due to these strong flavors and heavy tastes I missed some finesse and freshness in some of the dishes.

I have no photos of our meal but found some pictures of our dishes on the internet:

The Wines

We were advised by a young sommelier but felt she missed some experience as the wine choice was not really what we expected/asked for. We had one bottle of Cava and a bottle of Spanish red wine which were of good quality and at reasonable prices. A wine pairing per glass was not available and we felt this was a pity.

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Commerç 24 is a restaurant which is often referred to because of its “bounds” with El Bulli and its role in the “tapa minded” culture/cuisine.  Small portions, surprising combinations and ingredients, served at a high speed. Unfortunately, it was difficult to follow this high speed of servings, so that the waiters were placing next dishes when the previous one wasn’t finished yet. In Spain courses are served quite fast, but in restaurants like these it must be possible to have a good balance between the speed of the service and the possibility to enjoy them!
We also had the feeling we were treated as tourists instead of customers, which unfortunately made this dinner experience not that good as it could have been.

Belgian Taste Buds:

–          Food Buds                                                         8/10

–          Wine Pairing Buds                                          6/10

–          Service Buds                                                    6/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                         8/10*

–          Experience Buds                                            7/10

*Compared to Belgian restaurants.

Commerç 24
08003 Barcelona, Spain

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