Château du Mylord (Ellezelles)

The Place

Château du Mylord is a 2 Michelin star restaurant and hotel in Ellezelles, Walloon Brabant, Belgium. It is located in an old English mansion in a park of 3 hectares, and the mansion itself was built in 1861 by an English lord.


The Chef

The Restaurant Château du Mylord was founded by Jean-Baptise Thomaes (chef) in 1981. He was quickly joined by his brother Vincent (the restaurant manager and sommelier from 1985 to 2006), followed by Christophe in 1988 (pastry chef).
In 1987 he receives his first star, a second star in 2002 and then again in 2010.
For more than twenty-five years the team has been working on continuously improving the atmosphere into an oasis of tranquility.
(copy from website)

The Food

You shouldn’t come to Château du Mylord for innovating, creative contemporary cuisine. What you do should come for is the classic, rich, tasteful and authentic dining experience. Indeed, in Château du Mylord you get a glimpse of what it should have been for kings and queens to dine.

Classic dishes are served with a contemperary twist and with respect for the product. The elements on your plate are recognizable, and surprises or “food-shocks” are scarce.  This shouldn’t spoil the fun, however!

We went there for lunch on Saturday the 28th of April 2012, and chose the menu “Jonge Gastronomen” (Reservation for this menu is obliged). This formula is incredible:  for only 48 euro, people until 28 years old (28 included) receive a 4 course menu with aperitif, wines, water and coffee included! In fact, this menu is the same as the “Confiance menu” which is always on the card, but can be reserved at an incredible price for youngsters.

I have never had this kind of price-quality ratio for a menu as we did receive in Château du Mylord. Therefore, I really recommend this restaurant to all young diners out there!


With a glass of champagne, we enjoyed 5 small appetizers. We also received a paper with a “Aperitif micro-menu”, which we thought was a very smart and pleasant idea to communicate the ingredients.

Asparaguses | red gurnard | young shoots | Parmesan cheese
A classic interpretation of asparaguses with crispy, rich flavors. The fish was cooked perfectly with the right seasoning and the Parmesan crisp added the little bite to this dish.

Brill | Hazelnut butter | cauliflower | grey shrimps | pickles
The second fish dish was of the same level as the first: perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned. Right and honest tastes, with respect for the products.

Pig “Duroc d’olives” | lacquered bacon
juice with olives Taggiasche and thyme-lemon
nuance of carrot and pea
Main course was juicy pig, combined with crispy bacon, fresh carrots and peas and a very good, refreshing, sauce.

The dessert trolley
Ha, the dessert trolley. Once more, the classic interpretation of dining surprised us! When they roll this trolley in, you really feel like a kid in a toy store. Cakes, pies, chocolate mousses and other sweet delights are served – pick 4 and indulge!

We did not have the cheeses, but watched the trolley stroll by… Yes, it looked good as well.

Coffee & Petit Fours
With our coffee – which is served in a coffeepot on a candleholder to keep it warm – we enjoyed another “Micro petit four menu”. Small bites, a perfect ending of a very enjoyable meal!

The Wines

We really appreciated the sommelier at Château du Mylord. From the beginning, he was very honest and told us he could not serve top wines for the menu price (48 euro all in). That is indeed correct and I appreciate this kind of honesty! However, the wines were of good quality.

The first white was a Los Vascos from Chile, a domain bought by the Rothschild family. It was a fresh and crispy wine. The second white wine was from the Bourgogne region. Greasier than the first one and perfect with the brill & hazelnut butter. The red wine came from Hungary (or Bulgaria?) and was a little bit young, but went well with the lightness of the pork. We also got an extra glass of Madeira for dessert, a special sweet/sour wine with a little bit of yeast.

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

This was a very pleasant lunch experience.  We felt the service and the food were really good and for the price we paid, price/quality was outstanding. We will certainly go back and sample the next menus with the “Jonge Gastronomen” formula. A recommendation!

There are several options nearby to burn calories after your lunch/diner: take a walk in the beautiful landscape, head to the “fromagerie” for some fresh goat cheese, or visit some of the Walloon villages.

Belgian Taste Buds:

–          Food Buds                                                         8/10

–          Wine Pairing Buds                                          7/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                         8/10

–          Experience Buds                                            8/10


Le Château du Mylord
Rue Saint-Mortier, 35
7890 Ellezelles
Tél. 068 54 26 02.

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