Boragó, Santiago (Chile)


The Place

Boragó is the restaurant Rodolfo Guzmán, located in Santiago, Chile. This restaurant, just like Noma, sets an example for many other restaurants using local produce, as Rodolfo and his team take ‘local cooking’ to another level. It sets new trends and has become an inspiration for restaurants around the world, but the restaurant is also looking back in time – how was it made by the native people?

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Rodolfo Guzmán hails his inspiration from recipes and techniques from the Mapuches and Pehuenches and Chilean cooking over the centuries. These insights are translated into extraordinary dishes and the chef’s culinary vision spans from ancient traditions to as far as his own imagination can take him.

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Restaurant Boragó’s interior is, just like nature, pure and rough, complementing the philosophy of his cuisine. The concrete floor and wooden tables direct the guests’ attention to the food, and the open kitchen creates a dynamic atmosphere.

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The chefs themselves are passionately presenting the dishes at the table, which makes the services very personal & informal. Two tasting menus are available, and a team of 30 staff members serves 40-50 guests in the restaurant.


The Chef

Rodolfo Guzmán was born in Santiago and opened his restaurant in 2006. In 2008 he moved the restaurant to a new location. Rodolfo has become the prophet of the very best of Chilean produce and strives to get Chile on a prominent place on the gastronomical world map. His complete dedication and persistent pursuit of 100 percent Chilean ingredients has resulted not only in the awareness for Chilean products and gastronomy, it has also resulted in a restaurant that excels in the use of this local produce, extraordinary flavours and an overall memorable dining experience.

Before starting his own restaurant, Guzmán worked at the Mugaritz in the Basque region of Spain. However, the cuisine at Boragó is unique and anything but copied from any other restaurant.


The Food 

Most chefs around the world agree about the tremendous importance of the ingredients, but few chefs have gone further when it comes to forage and use local produce. Rodolfo Guzmán and his team are on endless trips all over Chile to find the most amazing ingredients. The narrow country of Chile offers a wide diversity from the Atacama Desert in the north to the Patagonia in the south. In between there is the Andean Mountain Range, lush valleys and the almost endless rough and beautiful Pacific coastline. Rodolfo and his team go foraging every week and return with exceptional ingredients that are used to create equally exceptional dishes. As the chefs pick and harvest the ingredients themselves, they are very close connected to these products and really think about the ways to transform these ingredients into innovative dishes.

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Guzmán gets endless inspiration from his environment and diversified ecosystems, and the dishes at his restaurant incorporate many ingredients that you have never had before. The list of unique and extraordinary ingredients you will have at Boragó is endless – and all of it can only be found in Chile. The uniqueness of this produce, and the preparation techniques used, guarantee an experience you have never had before. As the flavours of the ingredients that are used are totally different from most common flavours, some of the dishes can be experienced as rather special in terms of taste. However, besides taste, provocation, experience, and education are equally important at Boragó restaurant, and the Chilean ingredients are something that one needs to learn to appreciate.

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The menu at Boragó is constantly evolving, but this is what it looked like in November 2014:


Aperitif Pisco sour with murra and a lemon foam


Menu Endémica (with beverage and juice pairing)

1)      Piures and mandarine


2)      Sea biscuit


3)      Loco


4)      Berlin of paté


5)      Pichanga of Peumos


6)      Pebre blanco


7)      Pebre of harina tostada with a marraqueta

  1. Wine: Ventisquero, Tara, Chardonnay 2011 DO Atacama
  2. Juice: Jugo de Chirimoya – Boldo


8)      Crudo of deer from Patagonia

  1. Wine: Tabali, Talnay, Chardonnay 2013 DO Limari
  2. Juice: Pear an eucalyptus infusion


9)      Salad of wild plants from the Andes

  1. Wine: Bodegas Re, chardonnoir (chard & PN) 2012, DO Casablanca
  2. Juice: Pineapple and dill juice


10)   Chupe of wild pine mushrooms

  1. Wine: Polkura, syrah, 2011 DO Colchagua
  2. Juice: Beet and Aselga juice


11)   Nest of the Quail


12)   Rock sequence: Cremoso of herbs from the rocks

  1. Wine: Aquitania, Sol de Sol, Sauvignon blanc 2013, DO Malleco
  2. Juice : Oxalis and ginger juice


13)   Rocas de quinta

  1. Wine: Tabali, Talinay, Pinot Noir 2008 DO Limari
  2. Juice of lemon geranium with lemongrass


14)   Cow in its milk from Parral

  1. Wine: Santa Rita, cabernet sauvignon 2010 DO Colchagua
  2. Juice of murra and black tea


15)   Camanchaca and rica rica from the Atacama

DSC_4979 DSC_4977

16)   Salad of nalca chilota with milk

  1. Wine: Armidita, moscatel 2012
  2. Juice cucumber and nalca


17)   Dessert of pine mushrooms

  1. Wine: Cerveza artesanal, Granizo, ira, DO Olmué
  2. Juice of nispero and dill


18)   Espino chileno coulant

  1. Digestive: Araucano bitter
  2. Coffee of Espino

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19)   Frio glacial

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The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

You are in for something different at Boragó, but we can guarantee that it is a must reservation when visiting South-America. Boragó keeps on spreading its sustainable and ingredient-driven influence across the world and Rodolfo Guzmán and his team will continue to do this, until Chile gets the gastronomical recognition it truly deserves.


Belgian Taste Buds: 

–              Food Buds                                                      8.5/10

–              Wine Pairing Buds                                          8.5/10

–              Price/Quality Buds                                         9/10

–              Service Buds                                                   8.5/10

–              Experience Buds                                             9.5/10


Nueva Costanera 3467
Phone: +56 2 953 8893

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