Bon-Bon – Brussels

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The place

Bon-Bon means ‘good-good’ in French and that is an understatement for the the food you’ll get at restaurant Bon-Bon.  The restaurant is one of the culinary highlights in Brussels and is located in the most expensive green and residential area of the city. Chef Christophe Hardiquest moved his restaurant 5 years ago to an impressive renovated villa and received a second Michelin star shortly after the move the new location. The restaurant also scored 19.5/20 in the Gault&Millau guide 2015.

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The Chef & The Food

Chef Patron Christophe Hardiquest Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_8

Chef Christophe has been building his culinary dream step by step in the past years and he now is at the top of Belgian gastronomy. It depends on the season what the Chef will serve you and great creativity is shown in the menus ‘Impro’ and ‘Best Of’. The signature of Chef Hardiquest is a classic interpreted kitchen, based on the French cuisine with an innovative twist. Fish and shellfish are very important for the Chef. We had lunch at Bon-Bon in October 2015 and were served the following courses:

Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_16 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_18 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_19 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_20 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_22 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_24 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_25 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_26 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_27 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_28 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_29 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_33 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_23Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_34 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_36 Bon Bon_Adriaan Van Looy_35

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Chef Christophe Hardiquest and his team offer guests an interesting take on the French cuisine, combining beautiful products with modern touches. Restaurant Bon-Bon serves a great dining experience in a stylish setting. While the price-quality ratio certainly is not the best you will find in Brussels, this restaurant remains one of the best choices in the European capital.

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Belgian Taste Buds: 

–          Food Buds                                                         8.5/10

–          Wine Buds                                                         8/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                            7/10

–          Service Buds                                                     8/10

–          Experience Buds                                                8/10


Avenue de Tervueren 453
1150 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 346 66 15

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