Belgian Delights

Besides Belgian restaurants, our small country offers lots more on a culinary level. Local products and preparations are very diverse and offer endless possibilities in the kitchen.

With the Christmas period coming up, we got hungry and decided to plunder the kitchen – with Belgian products only.

All of the used products are available at the Belgian supermarket Delhaize (

Aperitif: Malheur Brut 
A Belgian beer that is fermented like a sparkling wine. It has a refined taste and a lightly sweetened, elegant flavor, with the right amount of dryness to serve it as an aperitif. Exclusively available at Delhaize.

Sausage “Boudin artisanal” with bacon, Tomato sorbet

Tomato sorbet: Mix 2 tomatoes with a spoon of sugar, 2 spoons of water, 1 spoon of walnut oil, salt, pepper and tabasco. Put in the freezer for 1 hour, stir every 15 minutes.

The Boudin artisanal Delhaize is produced by a small butcher in Bergen, ‘Le Champion du Boudin’. The bacon inside gives the sausage extra power and can easily be combined with other ingredients like tomato.

Ps: sausages are the new hit to surprise your guest this year, according to this article (Dutch)!

Foie gras with figs Upignac, Brown spiced biscuit (‘speculoos’), Raspberry sugar

Foie Gras from Upignac with fig pieces inside, which give the Foie a subtle flavor and a crispy texture. Exclusively available at Delhaize.

Belgian hamburger ‘new style’

Blood sausage with onions and raspberry Delhaize, Apple, Pear syrup with spices (Exclusively available at Delhaize.), Gingerbread.

Bake all of the ingredients shortly. This preparation can be used as a sweet appetizer or as a dessert.

Blood sausage toast

There was some of the blood sausage with onions and raspberry left, so we crushed it and buttered it onto a slice of fresh Belgian bread Camp Remy from Delhaize (with natural sourdough and based on 100% Belgian wheat). Add some sea salt and thyme, and admire your blood sausage toast.

Tournedos, Carrots, Carrot cream

Carrot cream: cook carrots & potatoes in water with salt and thyme, mix with butter, milk, sugar, salt and pepper. Bake the tournedos and serve with cooked carrots.

Apple pie (created by Roger van Damme exclusively for Delhaize), chocolate pearls with caramel and lemon, chocolate pearls with almond and hazelnuts (created by Pierre Marcolini exclusively for Delhaize), chocolate sugar.

Belgian Vodka ‘Obey’

A medal awarded 100% Belgian Vodka made by Pieter-Jan Frooninckx. It has a rich, delicate and sweet taste and is a must-try for vodka lovers. Exclusively available at Delhaize.

Belgium, you’re tasting good!


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