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The restaurant

Restaurant Belcanto is the gastronomic 2 Michelin star restaurant of the famous Chef José Avillez, located on a premium location in Chiado, the historical center of Lisbon in Portugal. This beautiful area is the culinary heart of the city, with plenty of bars and restaurants where one can sample the very best from the Portuguese cuisine. José Avillez is one of the driving forces of the culinary movement in this part of the city, and the chef manages no less than 7 restaurants in the area.


The interior of restaurant Belcanto is bright, combining lots of wood, green chairs, and luxurious elements. There is cosy chef’s table in the kitchen, where 2-3 diners can enjoy the spectacle from the chefs. In his kitchen José Avillez is assisted by his right hand Head Chef David Jesus and a driven, international team. The staff works dedicated and in utmost concentration in the kitchen. The fine wines at Belcanto are superb and the perfect accompaniment of the dishes coming out of the kitchen.


What makes the kitchen of restaurant Belcanto so special is the fact that the chef combines interpretations from authentic Portuguese dishes with creative touches. In that process he only uses the exact amount of products necessary to (re)construct that dish. All ingredients have a clear role and not one too many is used. One can clearly feel the influences from El Bulli, especially in the appetizers, but other dishes like the Cozida à Portuguesa is an amazing interpretation of the classical Portuguese dish, brought with respect for the original but with personal, creative touches from the chef. We enjoyed a menu with some of the chef’s signature dishes:

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Belgian Taste Buds Experience

Restaurant Belcanto is a truly exceptional restaurant in the centre of Lisbon. Chef José Avillez clearly is one of Portugal’s gastronomic wonders and we are curious to see how the chef and his restaurant emporium will evolve in the future.

Belgian Taste Buds:

  • Food Buds 9/10
  • Wine Buds 8/10
  • Price/Quality Buds 8/10
  • Service Buds 8,5/10
  • Experience Buds 8,5/10

Largo de São Carlos, 10
1200-410 Lisbo
Phone: +351 213 420 607

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