BE Burger (Zaventem, Belgium)

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The Concept

BE Burger is the most recent  ‘gourmet-burger’ chain in Belgium. The restaurant is located in Zaventem, in the beautifully renovated building of the old Stockmansmolen. The interior is decorated with references to famous Belgian sport and music icons. Former star chef Roland Debuyst and Sébastien de Messemaeker are the initiators of this concept. They present their restaurant as ‘Burgers from a top chef prepared in the culinary heart of Europe. Meat of the best quality, spicy and flavorful ingredients and influences from all over the world’.

* Pictures by Adriaan Van Looy

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The Food

We took the challenge to travel the world through burgers and visited the restaurant in January 2016. The international character is also reflected in the menu: the names of the burgers refer to cities with an international airport like Brussels, Tokyo, Ibiza, Colombo, Oslo, Cancun, etc.

BE Burger wants to serve high quality hamburgers where the quality meat makes the difference. Unfortunately, the quality of Belgian meat was not good enough to get the expected results, so currently Black Angus or Wagyu beef is used. The burgers buns come from the famous bakery Yves Guns.

The menu offers a wide choice and you can spice up any burger variant with Wagyu beef instead of the Black Angus beef (+ € 5). After ordering a burger (€ 10.5 to € 17.5) you can add a salad (€ 3.5) and/or fries (€ 3). Quality burgers are not cheap! To accompany the aperitif we started with a plate of smoked onion fritters (€ 5), Chicken nuggets (€ 5) or the Parmesan croquettes (€ 5). A pity that all of these are served with the same barbecue sauce, as the different preparations offer much more possibilities.

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After the appetizers we shared two burger: Cancun burger: this burger is served with guacamole, red onion, jalapenos, cheddar, pepper, tomato, lettuce and béarnaise sauce. A good, but not memorable burger.

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Tokyo Burger: a burger that is always served with Wagyu beef, red onion, wasabi, lettuce, wakame, sesame seeds, tomato, fried egg and yakitori sauce. A good burger in terms of flavor, but the meat was somewhat overruled through the amount of all the other ingredients.

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We also sampled two desserts: a panna cotta with red fruits and Belgian Cuberdons (6€), and a Vanilla soft ice cream with brownies (5€). Both deserve a little fine-tuning especially considering their price tag.

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BE Burger
Hector Henneaulaan 164
1930 Zaventem
+32 2 725 30 03

What Others Are Saying

  1. Bartjeuh Feb 18, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    He’s a master at playing the media, our friend Roland Debuyst, but what a pitty that he has chosen the quick and large profit road to gastronomy, instead of going for that second Michelin star fifteen years ago. What a waste of talent. Money really is a culinary game spoiler, unfortunately…

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