Azurmendi (Bilbao, Spain)


The Place

Restaurant Azurmendi is the brainchild of Chef and owner Eneko Atxa. The 3 Michelin star restaurant is located near Bilbao in Spain. It is Eneko’s dream coming true: a sustainable restaurant that connects with its environment and where visitors feel at home. It is an experience where visitors relate with Eneko’s passions: nature, gastronomy, architecture, and art.


The restaurant is located on a beautiful hill where you will also discover a vineyard, a bar and banquet, and several gardens. The premises are perfectly integrated into their natural surroundings.

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The gastronomic restaurant itself was built on top of the hill in 2012, overlooking the beautiful landscape of the Basque country. The building is mainly constructed out of glass and incorporates the latest sustainable building techniques. It offers a perfect mix between modernity, the local area and nature.





When guests enter the restaurant, they are welcomed by an impressive indoor garden with lots of green, massive wood and a small fountain.


The gigantic kitchen offers the perfect breeding place for the 20 cooks to prepare amazing dishes.

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The dining room itself is equally spacious – luxury equals space at Azurmendi – but no more than 40 diners are allowed. The views from the tables on the Basque hills are simply breath-taking.

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The dining room can be divided into several intimate dining compartments and there also is a separate space for groups. Several artworks from local artists adorns the walls of the restaurant. On the roof of the restaurant there is a greenhouse which connects to the edible garden. Sustainability is very important for Eneko Atxa and Azurmendi is one of the only restaurants in the world where this concept is fully incorporated.






The Chef

Chef and owner Eneko Atxa is one of the most attentive chefs in the world. The chef was born in 1977 and gained experience in several pintxo bars, bistros and gastronomic. Eneko welcomes all his guests himself and is down-to-earth, ultra-friendly, respectful, humble and very amicable.


At Azurmendi he manages an impressive team of more than 30 people. His head chefs Ander Las Heras and Matteo Manzini assist Eneko in the kitchen, while Jon Eguskiza (1 maître) and Jon Willian Herrera (sommelier and 2nd maître)  lead the dining rooms. The two Jons are incredibly professional, very knowledgeable and serve the guests in a charming English style.


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The Food

The Azurmendi experience begins with a tour to the greenhouse and the edible garden (located on top of the restaurant). Guests will discover the first appetisers hidden between the plants, fruits and vegetables.

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After consuming this first round of snacks, the tour is continued to the indoor garden at the entrance of the restaurant. A picnic basket is served:

_38A3381 _38A3401


Subsequently guests are led to the kitchen, where they are greeted by the kitchen staff and where another two snacks are served.


Finally, you will be brought to your table where the meal continues with some other snacks and 10-15 tapas-like dishes.

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Coffee & sweets

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Eneko Atxa’s kitchen is based on the Basque cuisine and is very technical and conceptual. Many local and traditional ingredients like anchovies, black pudding & tomatoes are used, and his kitchen is a perfect combination between modernity and tradition. Most dishes are tapas-like creations and impress by their simplicity, pronounced flavour and creative presentation.


The Wines

The property also has a vineyard with a wine cellar that is equipped with the latest technologies in oenology. The Gorka Izagirre wine cellar started with the idea to recuperate and expend the Txakoli wine. These wines are also served in Azurmendi, next to an international wine menu with interesting bottles at all price ranges. The sommeliers offers very interesting wine pairings with the menus as well.


The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

There are few places in the world where dining becomes an integrated experience like you will find at Azurmendi. The environment and the ingredients are very consciously being intertwined in the meals and dining becomes more than eating: it is an experience that will captivate all your senses. Azurmendi restaurant offers incredible value, great food with Basque influences, an astonishing exterior/interior and one of the best restaurant teams in the world. A must!

Belgian Taste Buds:

–          Food Buds                                                      9/10

–          Wine Pairing Buds                                          8.5/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                         9.5/10

–          Service Buds                                                 9 /10

–          Experience Buds                                            9.5/10

Legina Auzoa, s/n,
48195 Larrabetzu, Vizcaya
Phone +34 944 55 88 66

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