Arenberg (Heverlee)

The Place

Arenberg is a 1 Michelin star restaurant in Leuven, Belgium. The restaurant opened in 1996 and is located in a green oasis near the forest of Egenhoven.

The Chef

Lieven Demeestere is the owner and chef in Arenberg. He’s a Master cook in “The Order of the 33 Master cooks of Belgium” and member of the “Disciples of Auguste Escoffier”. His philosophy is focused on quality and freshness:

“Qualitative top products, ultra-fresh herbs and vegetables, tasteful bouillons, gentle olive oil and a lot of love for the profession are the ingredients for a light, creative kitchen, chock-full of known and new tastes, completed with adapted wines as you wish.”

The Food

Food at Arenberg is rather traditional but qualitative, fresh and tasteful. Don’t expect any high-tech or molecular extravagances here, but opt for Arenberg if you’re up for a safe and pleasant lunch or dinner.

There’s a nice lunch formula where you can have your choice out of 3 entrées, 3 main courses and 3 desserts. On saturday, the lunch comes at 75 euro all in (and only 48 euros with the formula ‘Jonge Gastronomen’ for people under 29 years old).


Tomato, cheese, croquette

Foie gras, apple, mackerel

Carpaccio ‘blue beef’

Tartar of yellow fin tuna ‘Nicoise’

Young duck, celeriac, cherries

Cheeses (by Elsen)

Yoghurt 3 x different

Coffee & sweets

The Wines

Wines were of very good quality, but we did not take detailed notes. I remember a good wine with the Garnacha grape, which went very well with the duck. A pleasant Chardonnay Meerdael Brut was served as the aperitif.

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

We had a comfortable lunch in restaurant Arenberg, and felt the atmosphere and quality of the food were very good.  The dishes were quite traditional, but the tastes were right and the amounts served sufficient.  The lunch formula where you can compose your own menu is highly recommended.

Belgian Taste Buds:

–          Food Buds                                                    8/10

–          Wine Pairing Buds                                          7/10

–          Price/Quality Buds                                         8/10

–          Service Buds                                                    8/10

–          Experience Buds                                            7.5/10


Restaurant Arenberg
Kapeldreef 46 – 3001 Heverlee (Egenhoven)
TEL.: 0032-16-22 4775



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