Alchemist (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Place

Restaurant Alchemist is a creative fine-dining restaurant situated North of Copenhagen city center. It is a small restaurant, with only 15 seats, where guests enjoy their meal around one big counter. It is a place that tickles all senses. The experience is not only about the food, but also about the interior, the lightning, the music, the presentation and the stories. Indeed, guests will enjoy a creative journey of tales when they visit this unique restaurant.

The Chef

Chef Rasmus Munk presents a unique cuisine where he shares memories and stories from his childhood and travels around the world. Each dish presented has a tantalizing story, which combines experience and taste in a unique, memorable way.

Rasmus is born in the nineties, but the young chef already created a restaurant that excels in creativity and innovation. He has travelled the world and gained a lot of experience as an apprentice at some of the world’s best restaurants like Noma, Geranium and the Fat Duck.

The Food

The food can seem to be very molecular at first, and even a bit staged with a lot of dry ice and foam. Like an ashtray full of ashes for example. However, taste is always the most important aspect and the foul looking ashtray is actually a delicious Norwegian poached king crab, served with hay ash and dried and crispy potatoes.

Another aspect that makes this restaurant unique is the use of top quality products. The most famous ham from Spain, caviar from Italy, unpasteurized Danish milk, Japanese wagyu beef, Italian truffles, humane Spanish foie gras, grand Danish langoustines, …. The list just keeps on going. On top of that, guests are also challenged to discover unusual produce like ants, mealworms, cow udders, snakeskin, lamb brains and tongues. This highlights the experience and, more important, adds both flavor and texture.

In total the menu consists out of around 45 dishes, which is divided into different acts. So prepare yourself for a long, eventful evening. One can also enjoy a wine pairing with the menu that is well executed and features an interesting selection of wines. We enjoyed the following menu in June 2016:


Frozen: Foam made of organic Apple, lemon bloom and lemon thyme, with frozen ants and stepmother flowers

Chips: Edible bag, with crispy potatoes the taste of salt & vinegar – dip of sour cream and ramsons

Ash tray: Roasted kingkrab, potato foam, pickled potato, potato malto, dried tomato and hay ash

Asparagus – goat cheese – thyme: Asparagus (from the oldest bio dynamic farm in Denmark) roasted in brown butter served with Goat cheese air and thyme oil

Flatbread – baba ghanoush: Roasted ‘’flatbread’’ with seasalt , baba ghanoush

Lemon: Lemon juice, infused with hay oil, lemon verbena and geranium gin, aroma from the herbs on the plate (Rosemary and lemon bloom)


Oyster & Yuzu: Gillardeau oyster, with ham gel made of Joselito 2006 ham fermented oyster sauce, and foam of yuzu

Tivoli: Smoked potato filled with oyster, gel of sour crème and lemon. White sturgeon caviar from Giaveri

King crab – piment – wasabi: Poach kingkrab salad, served with wasabi and grilled piment, flakes of rye from Knuthenlund

Squid – bonito: Poach squid with caviar oyster crème fresh lime and bonito flakes

Langoustine – Juniper: Langostine from Læsø, caramelized in sugar and salt served with burnt juniper

Tomato: Juice of tomato infuse with basil taste


Monkfish – Rose hip: Inspired from the autumn, Saltet monkfish cheeks, with flowers from the summer. Marinated in hiperoses sirup

Gold fish: Saltet hake filet with powder of bakskuld (Danish dried and smoked fish) and leaves of gold

Fish & chips: Cod tail with freeze dried apple vinegar, pickle made of Judas ears mushroom, and dried sweet peas from the summer on Læsø

Cod – truffle: Baked cod filet, with stabilize apple vinegar and parsley oil, caramelized mornay sauce and summer truffle

Turbot – Mustard: Pan fried turbot served with pickle beetroot, dried mustard and nasturtium

Langoustine cocktail from Læsø: Roasted shells of langoustine, served with dry ice there give you the third aroma


Foie gras – cep mushroom ‘’two worlds’’: Foiegras crème with sherry gel, roasted brioche and cep mushroom

Rotten Lamb Brain: Mousse of lamb brains and foie gras. Served with Lemon ants roasted mealworms, lemon thyme. And edible skull made of roasted onions and freeze dried white wine vinegar

Lamb tongue – ramsons: Poach lamb tongue, with blanket of ramsons, buratta of lam milk and beet herb

Cow’s udder: Poach and pan-fried udder served with a milk foam, made from the milk from the udder, dried udder and truffle

Grilled Hearts: Grilled Lamb hearts, infused with rosemary and roasted in vadouvan

”Alice in Wonderland”: Quince the served with powder of hay baked apple and freeze dried cobra snake


Chickens toes – rhubarb: Confit and deep-fried chicken toes. Dusted with rhubarb and cucumber

Kobe beef – A5: Kobe beef grilled on Japanese charcoal served with brown butter

Sausage – ketchup: Sausage with peber and ketchup made from summer tomatoes thin slices of fresh olives

Duroc – bbq: Grilled duroc ribs served with BBQ made of black miso and pine shoots

’Dumbling’’ – sesame: Sticky dumpling with pork shank sesame and chili

Oxtail bone marrow: Oxtail soup with deep-fried reindeer mos., star anis, apple vinegar, lemon thyme and smoked bone marrow


Pizza – Joselito: Cracker with gel of tomato and basil, joselito ham from 2006 and pecorino with white truffle

Comte 18 months – meal worms: ‘’Ravioli’’ of Comte cheese, roasted meal worms and mushrooms pure

Brie de meaux & Læsø: Freeze dried brie de meaux, ice crème shell of brie de meaux  and a hot crème of brie de meaux with berries and honey from Læsø

”Lunch time”: cheese ‘’sandwish’’ bread made of 100% nuts, marmelate made of kumquats, and cheese slice make of white chocolate and fresh cheese gel

Chocolate – Stilton: Chocolate mousse made from Mikkel Friis holm, chocolate La dalia 80%. Salt crystals and freze dried stilton. Coated with frozen stilton from Niels yard in England.


4 x Citrus: Granite made of yuzu, mandarin, blodorange and grape fruit

Vanilla – olive oil – caviar: Vanilla ice crème made of the world’s best vanilla gran cru Bora Bora. Served with flakes of black olive and seasalt, syrup made of olive and licorice. Finish with Terraliva Olive oil

Yogurt – tarragon: ‘’Footprints in the snow’’: Inspired by the Danish singer Søs fenger, yoghurt, yoghurt ice crème, yoghurt meringue frozen and soft, dried tarragon and tarragon syrup

The Danish fields & raw milk

1# serving : Milk ice crème made of only raw milk, pipettes with raw milk

2# serving : The burnt Danish fields, 3 kind:
Grass field (made of burnt hay)
Rape field ( Sorbet made of rapeseed oil)
Corn field ( Ice crème made of roasted corn)
* All topped with burnt hay

The painting: Edible canvas, with 4 different colors:
Taste of salted caramel / Taste of lemon / Taste of pistachio and almond / Taste of rom


Rose – After8: Rose from grandmothers garden. White chocolate rose with the taste of after 8

Fishing: Earthworms, made of apple juice

Sunday Cake ” Brunsviger”: Salted yeast cake, soft ice infused with waffles and espuma of brown sugar

Chocolate truffle: ‘’My annoying little brother’’ /  Fake face with the taste of dark chocolate, orange and Cointreau

Thai ice
# Københavnerstang (passion syrup, pine apple and crème)
# salted hazelnuts (crème infused with hazelnuts)
#Crème and berries (crème and pickle berries from the summer from Læsø)

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

First of all, it is really impressive that chef Rasmus delivers such an incredible dining experience as such a young age. He is not going ‘Nordic’, with only local and foraged seasonal produce, like most other fine dining places in Copenhagen are doing. Instead, Rasmus and his team will lead you on a creative, magical, sometimes whimsical but fun and – most importantly – tasteful and memorable meal. It is a one of a kind place, the next level experience dining, and definitely worth the visit.

Belgian Taste Buds:

  • Food Buds 8.5/10
  • Wine Pairing Buds 8/10
  • Price/Quality Buds 8.5/10
  • Service Buds 8/10
  • Experience Buds 9.5/10

Århusgade 22
2100 Copenhagen E
Phone: +45 51 93 56 23

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