Vista Restaurante (Portimão, Portugal)

The place

Vista Restaurante is the fine dining restaurant of boutique hotel Bela Vista Hotel & Spa, located in Portimão in the Algarve region in Portugal. You can discover more about this hotel in our separate review.

Vista Restaurante is located at the backside of the main hotel building. Gently nestled on the top of a cliff, it offers stunning views on the ocean and the famous Praia da Rocha. The restaurant is accessible for hotel and non-hotel guests.

Just like the rest of the hotel, the restaurant was designed by Graça Viterbo. She created a relaxing environment where she kept much of the original design but completed it with modern, colourful accents. In the dining room, the colours and several interior elements refer to the ocean.

The Chef

Executive Chef João Oliveira is in charge of the kitchen of Vista Restaurante. He is a young and driven chef an can be considered as one of the most upcoming chefs in Portugal. João was born in 1986 in Oporto and gained experience in some of the finest restaurants in Portugal such as “Casa de Calçada”, “The Yeatman” (where he was sous-chef), and the famous “Vila Joya”. The chef started working at Vista Restaurante at the beginning of 2015.

The Food

João’s experiences from the different regions of Portugal are reflected in his plates. He serves a combination of Portuguese, Mediterranean and modern cuisines. Product quality always prevails and the main products are complemented with just the right ingredients and delicious sauces.

Guests can choose between the ‘Fish and Sustainability menu’ (a great choice for the lovers of fish & shellfish) the ‘Vanguard Menu’ (which offers a broader scope on the products of Portugal), or separate dishes à la carte. Sustainability is very important and the team even dedicated a special ‘Ocean Sustainability’ event to this theme. Each year, the chef and guest chefs cook with ‘forgotten fish’ from the ocean. A beautiful and interesting initiative to learn more about the richness of the ingredients of the Portuguese ocean! The restaurant also has its own farm where they produce four kinds of premium olive oil. Of course, guests can taste them all during a meal in the restaurant.

We visited the restaurant in May 2017 and enjoyed a mix between both menus:

The Wines & service

Bar and Restaurant director Tiago Pereira is in charge of the dining room and the wines. He does a tremendous job offering his guests an excellent gourmet experience and very interesting wine parings. The service at the restaurant is professional, laid-back, and very friendly.

The “Belgian Taste Buds” Experience

Vista Restaurante is a great and upcoming fine-dining restaurant in the Algarve region in Portugal. Executive Chef João Oliveira has the potential to reach the culinary top and offers his guests modern dishes that combine Portuguese and Mediterranean elements. All served by a highly professional team, with stunning views on the ocean!

Belgian Taste Buds

  • Food Buds 8/10
  • Wine Pairing Buds 8.5/10  
  • Price/Quality Buds 8.5/10
  • Service Buds 8.5/10
  • Experience Buds 8/10

Bela Vista Hotel and Spa 

Rua Tomas Cabreira
8500-802 Portimão
Phone: +351 282 460 280

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