’4 mains’ Benoit Dewitte & Atsushi Tanaka


The Place

Restaurant Benoit Dewitte is located in Zingem, a small village near Ghent in East Flanders. The restaurant is awarded with a 16/20 score in the Gault&Millau guide and a Michelin star. It is established in a picturesque renovated farmhouse with a beautiful courtyard.



We visited the restaurant last year for a special “4-mains” dinner with Even Ramsvik: please discover this review here. This year the restaurant organised another “4-mains” dinner, this time with the upcoming Parisian chef Atsushi Tanaka.

Thanks a lot to Sarah Eechaut for the great pictures of this evening.


The Chefs

On this very special evening Benoit and Bernard Dewitte teamed up with Atsushi Tanaka, chef of the restaurant Atsushi Tanaka in Paris, to serve a unique ‘4-mains’ menu.

Benoit and Bernard Dewitte – Restaurant Benoit en Bernard Dewitte, Zingem, Belgium

Belgian brothers Benoit & Bernard Dewitte strive to create an inspiring place where guests can relax and enjoy their culinary art. The brothers work upon pure flavours and fragrances and convert these to a refreshing culinary experience, focussed on simplicity. Their philosophy is that a few ingredients, prepared in unique ways, can create a big gastronomic impact. Benoit is responsible for the kitchen, while Bernard selects and serves the wines. The restaurant is praised for the excellent quality of the products, the impeccable freshness of the ingredients and sophisticated flavours and textures.


Atsushi Tanaka – Restaurant Atsushi Tanaka, Paris, France

Atsushi Tanaka is a young Japanese chef with a remarkable cooking style. The chef gained experience at a diverse range of top restaurants, including Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, Quique Dacosta (Denia), Pastorale (Antwerp), Sergio Herman’s Oud Sluis, Geranium in Copenhagen, and Frantzén and Oaxen Krog in Stockholm. He combines this experiences into a cuisine with Japanese, French, Mediterranean and Scandinavian influences. Playing with various traditional and modern cooking techniques, he creates contemporary, light and creative dishes. Atsushi’s restaurant is located in the 5th arrondissement in Paris and he only serves tasting menu’s (3 options for lunch, 1 for dinner).

The Food

The menu of the evening was composed out of 6 appetisers and 8 dishes (4 from Benoit, 3 from A.T., and 1 together). Both chefs have a preference for natural dishes with pure and honest flavours. They serve contemporary, seasonal dishes and herbs and vegetables play an important role in their kitchen. It is always difficult to judge dishes when they are taken out of their context and regular menu, but we enjoyed Atsushi’s preference for simplicity and pure flavours. He likes to use different texture from the same product to surprise his guests, and puts a lot of effort in the presentation of his dishes. The use of uncommon ingredients makes his cuisine special, but in some of his dishes we missed some seasoning. In this meal, Benoit’s dishes were more pronounced and a perfect reflection of the best of what nature currently has to offer.


Aperitif: Champagne Vertus Doyard, Cuvée Vendémiaire Premier Cru 

Benoit: Oeuf de Caille
A.T.: Chips Charbon
Benoit: Lentilles / Morteau
A.T.: Poireau / Beurre Noisette
Benoit: Canard / Genievre
A.T.: Moule / Celeri Rave

Dewitte_Tanaka_022 Dewitte_Tanaka_014 Dewitte_Tanaka_015Dewitte_Tanaka_018Dewitte_Tanaka_002


Dorade / oignon by Benoit
Wine: Domaine Plouzeau 2014 – Sauvignon Blanc

Thon « Camouflage » by A.T.
Wine: Domaine Laurent Bannwarth 2013 – Sylvaner

Betterave Rouge / Chèvre by Benoit
Wine: “Le petit blanc sec » 2011 – chenin blanc

Bulot / Girolle by A.T.
Wine: “La Cuvée 100 noms” 2012 – Colombard/Ugni

Riz de veau / chicon by Benoit
Wine: Mas D’intras 2014 – Grenache

Pigeon / topinambour by A.T. & benoit
Wine: La Ferme Saint –  Pierre 2013 – Syrah

Pomme / caramel by Benoit


Hinoki / mirtille by A.T.

Benoit en Bernard Dewitte
Beertegemstraat 52
9750 Zingem
+32 (0) 9 384 56 52

Atsushi Tanaka / A.T. Restaurant
4 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris
+33 1 56 81 94 08

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